Thursday, 10 May 2012

The End of War.


My name is Oliver Bough.

I am also referred to as The Dove. I am a nest like Faceless was. I got that name because I have Doves inside of me and no other birds. You probably could have guessed that though.

You're also probably wondering why I'm posting here and Faceless isn't. Well, it's because he's dead. He told the birds, before he died, to tell someone else to write what happened so here I am.

Now here's the story told from his point of view.

I arrived at The Grove with Portnoy after about a day and a half. Harold was already waiting there. The grove was bordered perfectly by the surrounding foliage and it made me uneasy. There was something ominous about it and I was hesitant to actually step into the grove. Harold mocked me for my hesitation but then I remembered our first meeting. Back in the apartment I had blindly followed Harold instead of attacking with the birds and that had led me into a trap. I was smarter this time. I released the birds and they flew immediately towards him. He scowled and put out his hands. Smoke began to spread from him like mist and obscured the entire grove. For a split second I saw a large silhouette in the smoke but it was gone. At this point I felt a small rhythmic pounding in my head. The birds were blind in Harold's smokescreen and he began picking them off. I could feel it each time one was destroyed and the pounding became stronger. I called the birds back and decided to just have them nuke the area with lightning. This was... Inneffective. The Lighting fizzled out about 7 feet above the grove. This place definitely had some power. I realized I would have to either enter The Grove or get Harold to come out. I couldn't think of any way to get him out so keeping the birds around me, I slipped my mask back on and headed in. The moment I stepped into the Grove The Smoke cleared and Harold was standing there a few feet from me.

"How about we make this fair. You keep the little birdies off and I'll stay solid for our fight. I've had enough of being an amorphous cloud anyways. That seem fair?"

Realizing that he was actually giving me an advantage, I readily agreed. Although, I was certain he must have had a reason. The fight started simply enough. He created a blade seemingly out of thin air which I later realized was made out of air. I don't know much about physics and I travel around with birds living inside me so I'm not going to question this. His blade despite being made out of wind was still surprisingly solid and sharp. He got one hit in nicking my arm. It wasn't much just a small cut didn't really hurt. Now about that advantage I mentioned earlier. I actually have training with a blade. I'm pretty sure Harold has none. Although. he was holding his own so I guess being a servant of the fear of war gives some kind of natural weapon proficiency or something. Either way though I was obviously the more talented swordsman. Within minutes of the fight I was beating him back. I figured maybe if nothing else I could force him out of the grove. I pushed him to the very edge of the grove and he realized what was happening. At this point he began pushing back with an almost frenzied determination. It worked well enough to keep him in the grove but he was unable to push me back or score anymore hits. It seemed like no matter what I was going to win. I figured agreement or not if I managed to get a blow in he'd turn to smoke and try to flee. So I was incredibly surprised when I managed to get through his guard and my blade slid into his chest. He looked surprised but then shrugged.

"I had hoped it would be you," was all he said. Then he died and at that exact same moment the pounding in my head intensified until I realized it was the sound of war drums. Portnoy was still watching from outside the grove and I saw his eyes widen. A moment later he was gone. I couldn't see anything outside the grove. Inside the grove however things were changing. Large Fetters appeared hanging from the trees and a ring of flames appeared surrounding the grove. A moment later chains attached to fetters wrapped around my arms and legs pulling me down to a kneeling position. In front of me a figure like the silhouette I had seen earlier began to form out of smoke and stitched leather. First it was a bear than a bull and a lion. It's form changing frequently to some other animal. I knew instinctively that I was looking at The Brute. I also realized the meaning of Harold's last words. Raising The Brute had required a living sacrifice. He was intending to use me but he had been the sacrifice instead. The brute was revived. I had to do something but what could I do. I was trapped and my mask was on trapping the birds inside. I couldn't remove it. The birds came to a decision on their own they were nice enough to tell me what it was before enacting it. I would have preferred something else but I guess it was the only way.

That's the end of The Faceless Bastard's account the rest is from The Bright Ones themselves.

With no other choice we pierced our way out of his body. He died in the process torn apart by our exit but it was necessary. We swarmed The Brute. It was still weak from it's revival and from our secondary efforts elsewhere. It could not stand against us. It was too late to destroy it again but we made sure it could never regain it's full power. 

So there you have it. The  Faceless Bastard has died. Torn apart by The Bright Ones as they pierced their way from his body. At least his mission was a success. The Brute's rise was not stopped but calamity was averted nonetheless and he will remain weakened never again to be a threat. Harold was killed and it is confirmed this time that Harold is truly dead. The Brute would not have risen if only part of him had died as happened earlier.

The Faceless Bastard will be remembered as one of the greatest of our number.

Thank you

Oliver Bough

The Dove.

Friday, 4 May 2012

The Last Act of Fate.

The moment I arrived at the mansion/crack den that was where I was supposed to meet The Archangel I felt a horrible foreboding. I knew this was the moment. All those times Fate made me her little bitch this is where they were leading up to. I knocked on the door knowing already what was coming. Percy Aaron opened the door. Of course Percy Aaron wasn't Percy Aaron. The man who stood there holding the door open was my old friend Portnoy Augustus. I walked in warily and sat where I was told to. I waited for him to acknowledge me. Say something about what happened. I betrayed him, almost destroyed the universe, Made him lose his powers and left him for dead. Not to mention he must know I got myself renested. It was then I also realized that since he hates The Fears why is he now working for The Archangel?

"Why are you staring at me?" He asked.

"Surprised to see you." I replied evenly. He didn't seem angry in fact he didn't seem to recognize me at all.

He was about to speak again when a door opened and a fat man walked out. He came over to me and put out his hand.

I looked at him with confusion.

"I thought I was meeting The Archangel..."

"No one meets The Archangel personally."


"Now then come in here." He ushered me into the room he had walked out of earlier and closed the door.

"Now then to business. First of all you need to know where you're going. We can help you with that. You also need a way to counter Harold's home field advantage. Both of these we can help you with."

"What does The Archangel want in Return?"

"Nothing really. The Fears don't want The Brute raised anymore than you do personally. So we're going to give you the method of victory for free."

"Ok so what are you going to give me?"

"A guide. One of ours will travel with you to the Grove of the Semnones. Once there he will assist you in the battle neutralizing Harold's advantage."

I had a sinking feeling. "Let me guess I'll be traveling with the boy out there?"

"Er... Yes. Don't worry The Archangel is aware of your history. You should not be alarmed though. The boy has no memory prior to waking up in the hospital."

"Oh... Well that's good."

"So do you accept our help?"

"I guess."

So me and Portnoy are heading to Europe now.

Hope you're ready Harold.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Grove?

That's not really helpful Harold. Ok so it's a grove somewhere in Europe. Really not helpful.

However I got an invitation

from The Archangel care of Percy Aaron (That was the name of the person released from the hospital)

You are invited to meet with The Archangel for a discussion of your current goal. The master feels religion is the key to your success. This grove is a place of worship. The Brute is powerful there. So is his servant. But worship is religion. We would be powerful there as well. You could be powerful. Do not think yet. Come. Meet. Than decide.

Percy Aaron, Messenger of God.

Well that sounds interesting doesn't it?

The Birds say it would be wise to accept this invitation. The Brute, and by proxy Harold, is getting stronger and I will need help to beat him.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Alright so me and Vadim met and we informed each other of what happened. The Oathbreaker responsible for The A. Dying Man is dead. Vadim didn't kill him. Vadim was just talking to him when what I assume was The Liar came in. Vadim claims to have somehow recognized that it was not an ordinary human and moved out of the way. The Oathbreaker looked terrified but couldn't do anything. Vadim had broken both his arms and legs before hand. The Liar came to The Oathbreaker whispered something and then snapped his neck and left. Vadim than came to talk to me. I guess that's that. We didn't really stop anything and we returned one of the pieces to the board. Go team. I didn't kill Vadim. It would have been wrong. If Slendy gets mad good for him. I have more important things to do anyways. Time to deal with Smokey.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


So we did it. Harold and any proxies with efficient sniper ability were positioned around the town and the rest of us got busy setting things on fire. It took about an hour or two even with the huge amount of people helping. We lost quite a few but proxies are expendable. In the end none escaped... but one almost did.

The town was burning. I was standing at what I thought was a safe distance and watching the fire. Then at the last second an infected woman comes charging out of the fire towards me. I was too surprised to act and she reached me grabbing me by the shoulders. I was sure I was about to die. I could feel The Artificial infection traveling into me. I'm not sure what caused me to put my hand in my pocket and grab my wife's ring. Maybe I just wanted too feel it one last time.

Whatever the reason the moment I touched it I felt The infection draw back. It was still holding me and staring at me with concentration. I heard gigging and realized it was me. I wasn't in control any more. My hands gripped the woman by her wrists and pulled her hands off my shoulders. Forced her down to a kneeling position. I couldn't hear the birds I couldn't hear anything but the sound of the flames and the giggling.

Then I stopped giggling and I spoke. "You are an imitation. You are fake. I am real." Then I felt a force pushing out of me and into the woman. I let go and staggered back and the woman stood up. She smiled at me.

"Hello Sergei. nice to see you again."

I just stared at her.

"You didn't really believe I'd let you kill me like that did you?"

"The Liar?" I asked incredulously.

"Of course. I've been hiding in that little ring of yours since you killed my last host."

"But... But I thought you couldn't possess me?"

"I can't not for long anyways. I had to ask the birds for permission to save your life and I was only allowed to take control for a few moments."

"Why did you save me?"

"Well if you got infected and destroyed I'd be stuck in that ring forever I needed you alive until I could find a new host. It's just luck that saving your life got me a new host at the same time. Of course I also wasn;t to keen on these insulting copies."

"I'm not just going to let you walk away!"

"You're not going to stop me."

"There are snipers watching this area. Harold is one of them. You'll never get out of here."

She just laughed, pet me on the head and walked off. I heard gunshots but somehow I know they didn't kill her... Him... It.

I fell asleep after that I felt... Tired.

I'm meeting with Vadim tomorrow to deal with the Oathbreakers and make sure this doesn't happen again.

The Liar... I'll let someone else deal with it. I've had far too much of Dying Men now...

Monday, 30 April 2012

Burn baby burn.

Ok then. The A. Dying Men have started actively attacking back and are now targeting us specifically. I guess that means they're evolving intelligence? Huh I thought The Plague Doctor was responsible for this not EAT. Ah ha ha I hope I'm joking.

Anyways yes this just became too dangerous for caution. We're going to burn the entire city down to the ground.

If you live in or near Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada. You're probably already infected. If not get out. Or try we probably won't actually let you leave :D

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Brink of Disaster

So we've been killing Dying Men for about a day now and their numbers are still increasing. A couple of proxies have joined the fight and still they're increasing. Turns out headshots don't kill them. Or at least the bodies continue moving. Which considering they are also still capable of infecting means we still have no viable way to destroy these things. Their numbers keep moving up and we have only managed to kill what 2 of them? Harold says yes we killed two. Both of which were killed via incredibly difficult and impractical means. IE: We shot them until they couldn't get back up and then slowly dissolved them in acid. I doubt this will be effective on what is it about 100 or so. Harold says 200. Great.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Stemming The Tide

Death is a funny thing.  Dying is not.

These aren't as smart as The Normal Dying Man they work purely on instinct. Which means the invulnerability That The Liar told me about is not in affect here. If they touch me they will try to transfer and that will kill us both. So as much as I hate it. range is a necessity here. As such I've called in a little favor.

It's nice to have allies.

I'm watching one of the A. Dying Men right now. Wait for it... Wait for it... Boom headshot! And of course he's beside me now.

So as you probably guessed Harold is back to help me deal with these things.

Hmm considering that the other Harold is back as well I should probably distinguish between the two somehow. Doll!Harold and Harold? No Harold and Smokey! There you go. I really should deal with him soon but I'm busy with this at the moment. Besides it seems like he's not going to be too much of a problem for a while. Off hunting his master he's not even on this continent anymore.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Absofuckinglutely correct.

Well Proxie called it. I am now pissed.

Apparently The Oathbreakers and their master have been trying to create an artificial form of The Dying Man. He's essentially a disease already so I guess they just figured they should have control over him or something like him. That's just fucking great. Obviously their attempt was defective. Also they're all dead. So that's the end of it right? Nope of course not.

That would be too god damn easy!

Apparently all the oathbreakers have been working on it including other hospitals and labs throughout the god damn country!

Oh and one of them succeeded. Fuck you. They set him loose and he is now quite rapidly making his way through the population. Time to go Dying Man hunting again boys and girls. This time with a dying man that apparently can't be harmed or killed. Yeah apparently the bodies are autonomous or something. Killing them will require complete destruction of the body or the removal of the Artificial!Dying Man.

Quick question becomes what exactly is the oathbreakers real plan with this. They just set it loose? That's not really controlling it. That's sort of out of style for them isn't it. Wouldn't they want to be able to control the spread of their new super disease. Target it accurately and stuff?

Fuck ok. Vadim is going to go "talk" to The Oathbreakers responsible while I go try and stem The A. Dying Man flow.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


We found a still living doctor and luckily for us he was in fact an oathbreaker.

How did we find out... I'll leave that to your imagination.

Anyways so we interrogated him which mostly involved having the birds peck his face moving closer and closer to his eyeballs with each peck. Pain plus the fear of impending eye pain is a surprisingly good motivator. Sadly he only got out two words before he started gagging and choked to death on his own bile. Searching the body we found that he had apparently injected himself with something during the interrogation. Crafty bastard.

Oh and those two words...
Artifical die/dye.

Not sure what that means.

Looks like we've hit a dead end for now.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Observations and explanations.

Ok so we went to the morgue to find the body. We found it. Although body is the wrong word. The word... Sludge would be more accurate. We found him but all that was left was rotted skin. No bones nothing but rotted skin in a pile. Upon finding this we decided to go over what we know and try to figure something out.

So here's what we know.

My friend here, his name is Vadim, apparently hired these two thugs to rough me up a bit. He also informed me that he was rather enjoying our little game. I'm only (Extremely) annoyed by this admission. Regardless, he hired these two thugs who had in fact contacted him earlier about his dealings with the fears and advertising themselves as runner mercenaries. One stayed with him while the other went out to handle the remainder of his plans. Shortly after and coinciding with the time when I managed to beat up the other thug the second one stated randomly that he was defective and being recalled. He then disappeared but Vadim traced him back to this hospital at which time he found out that he had mysteriously died. Obviously these two are something not human and both were killed by The Oathbreakers apparently because they were defective?

Strange. We should probably find a living Oathbreaker to interrogate. Hope we left one alive.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Of course...

So guess that didn't matter. I headed back into the hospital. This time with a bit more of a kill everything attitude or at least everything that managed to see me which, since I'm rather horrible at stealth, was a vast majority of the hospital. Also since I'm working for the birds again they're letting me use them again. It was glorious. I slaughtered tons. Like god damn everyone in that hospital except one person who got the drop on me. I was looking around a corner when I felt the gun press against the back of my skull.

"I manage to sneak up on you again huh?"

My first thought: Harold. Moments later though I realized it was a heavily accented voice. It was The God damn Runner Slendy wanted me to kill. It wasn't that surprising since he was what led to this but what happened next was.

He put the gun away.

"You the one who put the thug in the hospital?"

I told him I was.

"So you're investigating as well?"

I was confused but I nodded.

"Ok, then. Temporary truce?"

 First thought: fuck no.

Second much smarter thought. Why the hell not?

So I have a new friend... for now.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Thanks for the help.

Really guys thanks so much...

Guess I'll just have to choose on my own. Slendy's seems easier but I guess I do owe the birds more so time to check out what's going on...

The best way to do that would be... Going back to the hospital?

Oh Damn it all!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

*Sigh* What?

Ok so it happened. The birds have latched onto these oddities and are now demanding that I check things out. Which means I now have two missions somewhat related possibly but still.

The Slender Man wants me to kill some guy who's still missing.

The Birds want me to investigate these weird going ons.

Which do you think I should focus on? I'm leaving it completely up to you. 

Friday, 20 April 2012

Ah ha ha... I got hospitalized.

Ok so apparently I was unconscious for um what day is it? Who knows or cares. I can't prove it but I'm pretty sure one of those god damn Oathbreakers did something to me. I'm being let out now apparently I fell into a diabetic coma... I AM FILLED WITH BIRDS I DO NOT HAVE DIABETES I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF I HAVE INTERNAL ORGANS OR THE ABILITY TO GET DISEASES!  FUCK YOU OATHBREAKERS!

God damn it... I'm sure this has something to do with me checking out that guy... Oh well time to go. I need to find this guy and I want to get away from this hospital. Never setting foot in a hospital again I swear.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Confused reactions.

So I figured out what was wrong with that guy. He didn't bleed. Like at all. I broke bones and I'm almost entirely sure that I split skin quite a few times but he didn't bleed. In fact aside from the verbal responses he didn't react to his pain much either. Starting to think he wasn't human. I checked the local hospitals and found him. (Most of the hospitals in this area are run by Oathbreakers so patient confidentiality isn't exactly a problem) I went to visit him. Interestingly enough the day I went to visit someone else by the name of "Percy Aaron" had been let out on the orders of Dr. Defman. (Which is the Oathbreaker code in this area for The Archangel) Seemed kind of odd but I was too busy at the moment to bother finding out more.

I visited the man in his room and found that he had "mysteriously" died. The puncture wound in his neck from a needle probably had nothing to do with it. So guess I won't be solving that mystery but this tells me one thing. This new mission with a supposedly normal target for once... Yeah apparently not happening. Again I'm part of some big conspiracy. Great.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Revenge is fun.

So I've been trying to find the bastard for a while now and I got lucky. I didn't find him but I found one of the thugs. I assume they were working with him so I approached the man. He took a second or two to recognize me then immediately tried to run. A broken knee made that slightly harder. He continued trying to crawl away and I let him get a few feet before breaking his arms. He stayed there then and after a few seconds he choked out what were barely recognizable as words. I believe he said: "What the hell Man?! We didn't break anything of yours. We just roughed you up a bit! You're fucking crazy!"

I'm really not sure how to respond to that so I just proceeded to ask for information. He told me quite a bit but nothing I didn't know. I didn't kill him. Not sure why not. Just sort of felt... wrong. There was something off about him though. I can't quite figure out what...

Sunday, 15 April 2012


I've been given the go ahead to kill. Finally. So now then all I have to do is find the guy and murder him. That shouldn't be too hard.

Except the apartment he lives in has apparently burned down and no one has any clue where he is...

For fucks sake why can't anything ever be easy?

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Fucking ow...

Ok... so I went into his apartment. I found something awesome. The guy has a secret goddamn elevator that goes through the apartments below him and into the sewers. That's how he was getting out. Well great I found that out.

And then two guys jumped me from behind and started beating me with baseball bats. Yeah no seriously. I turned to leave and got hit in the chest with a god damn baseball bat. Then two guys wearing masks started beating the fuck out of me. I woke up in the sewer by the elevator but could not open it back up. I trudged painfully through the sewers till I got to a ladder and managed to climb out. I then went to my apartment and rested. Apparently for quite some time. I woke up roughly an hour ago.

So... The fuck?

Friday, 13 April 2012

Taking Action

I know for a fact he's not in there right now. So I'm taking this chance to search for whatever he's using as an exit.

I'll tell you later today the results of my search.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Stake Out day 5

Ah... Ha ha... What the fuck?

Ok so watching every single exit now. No possible way he could of escaped without someone seeing him. So now the question is how the hell did he get behind me?

Watching the house I see him walking around inside then he stops again. I don't see him for hours. I wasn't worried though there was no way he could get out. Or so I thought. Then a radio suddenly turns on behind me. I turn and on the roof with me is a small battery radio set for an alarm and in large writings the words "You're horrible at this" chalked on to the roof.

How the fuck did he manage to do that without me noticing?

How the fuck did he get out?

Why am I still alive?

No seriously he was able to get behind me and write that out and set up a radio to alert me? Why the hell didn't he just kill me? Is he enjoying this?

You smug bastard I'll get you somehow.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Stake out Day 4

What the hell...

Ok so I got my two helpers to watch the other two exits. Guess what happens?

None of us see him leave and yet again he appears and goes inside without any of us seeing him leave. How the fuck is he doing this?

Wait the roof? Is there roof access? Oh god that's probably it!

I'm going to move to the roof so I can watch the front of the building and the roof.

I got you now.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Stake out day 3

He's playing with me.

I just watched him walk into the house 4 times without once seeing him come out in a span of 3 hours. He knows I'm watching he's deliberately showing me that he can come and go as he pleases.

Smug bastard. I know there's two other possible exits. The garage and the fire escape. He could be using either. Without the birds I can't watch more than one.

He also must have something planned. He wouldn't be secretive about where he was going if it wasn't important.

This is infuriating. I'm gonna see if I can ask one of the proxies to ask their master if he can assign two more people to this stakeout.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Stake out Day 2

Ah ha ha... Fuck...

So... Yeah he just now showed up and went inside. IE: He wasn't even there the whole time yesterday and last night! I was watching a god damn empty apartment! What the hell?!

Sigh... So where the hell was he? Good Question Sergei... Too bad we'll probably never find out.

Anyways so Stakeout begins properly now. Fuck

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Stakeout Day 1

So I'm waiting outside his house now. I'm trying my best to be inconspicuous. I'm not sure how observant he is but I assume it will be quite a bit more difficult to spy on him than a normal person. So yeah this stakeout is probably doomed already. I'd send a bird to watch him for me but the birds refuse to let me use them for this mission for some reason.

So I'm sitting by the window of an apartment opposite him. I haven't seen him so far today though. Not too surprising it's Sunday and Easter he's probably spending his day inside or something. Strange I haven't even seen him walk by a window though.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Back to our normal programming...

So looks like things are coming full circle. The Slender Man has sent me after a runner. This guy should be fun though.

He's a Russian immigrant like myself and apparently he's ex-military. Not just normal Military either. He was Spetsnaz or Russian Special Forces. Apparently he moved here very recently and has already gotten a job working for CSIS. Exact nature of his job with them unknown. This guy could be an actual challenge. I'm really looking forward to this.

Although I haven't forgotten my track record with runners. If this guy becomes some huge deal I am going to be severely pissed off.

Oh and since my house was destroyed I'm now staying in an apartment building a long with a number of proxies. They seem to harbor no ill will towards me despite the fact I slaughtered quite a few of them in the earlier war. Either they are so afraid of their master that they follow his every command without any thought to the contrary or they just really don't care about each other much.

Oh and yeah I kept the mask and the Scythe. The Scythe I'm leaving alone but I might actually replace my mask with this one. It's kind of cool.

Well that's all for today folks. 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

and the rest was silence.

She arrived. Just like I thought she would. I was standing in the middle of the area when she arrived and I was cleaning my sword for no reason other than to give the appearance of complete confidence bordering on apathy.

I had no real reason for this. It's just fun to annoy people.

She twirled her scythe a bit and then glared at me with her one good eye. There was a cap over the other eyehole. Guess I did more damage then I thought. I bet that played horrible havoc with her depth perception. Maybe I wouldn't even need my plan. Oh well might as well use it anyways.

G.Reaper: So the other one isn't coming I guess.

Me: Oh no he's definitely coming. He's probably already here watching. In fact he's probably just waiting to snipe whichever one of us wins.

She merely nodded.

G.Reaper: So you challenging m to a showdown? Pretty gutsy after I kicked your ass so thoroughly before. Obviously you have a plan but whatever it is it won't help you. You can't beat the reaper.

Me: I'm pretty sure I could actually. He's a skeleton they aren't known for being very effective at most things. They generally just lie there and dry out if exposed.

G.Reaper: Making jokes? That's generally a sign someone is terrified but trying to hide it. Visibly shaking and repeatedly stroking your weapon being other signs.

I made a conscious effort to stop my hand from moving up my blade again.

Me: Right then you ready to end this?

G.Reaper: This won't be the end. I'll still have to kill the other after.

I didn't respond this was taking too much time. I just pointed my sword at her and got in a fighting stance. She got low then ran towards me scraping the scythe tip along the ground as she ran. I waited.

Ten feet away

Six feet away

Three feet away

I reached back and pulled the gun out of my waistband bringing it around to aim at her face. Her eye widened in shock. I could see her mind racing. Simultaneously trying to dodge stop continue foreard slice me and path out of the way.

Of course her confusion and surprise wouldn't let her do any of these. Her mask collided with the barrel just as I fired. She fell backwards easily. She didn't fly back or drop she just sort of fell until she was lying on her back unmoving.

You're probably a little confused.

It became obvious rather quickly that she knew me. More intimately than she should have. I knew I didn't actually know her. I briefly considered she could be May but May's dead and the real world doesn't work like that. So I realized she must be reading my blog. So I slipped in that fake conversation with Harold. Yeah that never happened. I just wanted to make sure one hundred percent that she would not expect the gun. It seemed to of worked. Now then about Harold.

Harold is too honorable to really do something like snipe whoever wins a personal challenge. He was of course there waiting though. As soon as she dropped I took off her mask, I plan to keep it, and he was standing in front of me when I stood back up. He picked up the scythe and tossed it to me.

Harold: You're probably going to want to make sure no one else gets their hands on that.

I nodded. I took off my mask and a bird escaped and took the Scythe away. Then I placed my mask back on and turned my attention to Harold.

The Grinning Reaper had been a bit of an anti-climax but this... This would be a real fight. We both tensed. He had his guns out and aimed at me and I had my sword at the ready.

There was no way this wasn't going to be awesome.

Except at that exact second the war ended.

Yeah apparently the little servant fight was utterly pointless. Despite the proxies essentially being completely driven from the area and their servant leader dead they still won. See, my prediction was correct. Slendy managed to beat The Birds and The Girl. He appeared in the middle of the battle and immediately the birds told me it was over. I assume Harold got a similar message. We both immediately got the hell out of there.

So yeah the proxies got their territory back as well as mine and Harold's territory as I guess apologies for the whole mess. I guess I can consider myself lucky I wasn't offered instead. Also in good news apparently Slendy is generous. He's allowing me and Harold to continue operating in our respective areas but no other nests or dolls or puppets are allowed in the area and we now have to do his bidding as well.

Why is he being so generous? Who knows...

So I get to stay here and I now have to listen to commands from The Birds and Slendy. Not sure who I have to listen to if they give me conflicting commands.

It's all kind of confusing actually.
However I did get to kill The bitch which sort of makes up for the rest of it.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I have another plan.

So I'm fully recovered and first thing I did was walk into a warzone slaughter a bunch of people and leave a little message in blood.

"To the Grinning Bitch. Hi. This is The Faceless Bastard. I just noticed there's a bit of a connection between our names. I wonder if that was on purpose. I'll have to ask you before I kill you. I'll be waiting for you at (Not saying but the same place I faced Harold before. It seemed right you know?)tomorrow at 7:06 AM. Come get me. P.S. Bring lots of batteries. P.P.S. Harold if you read this you can come too. The more the merrier. Faceless Bastard o"

Yeah there was quite a bit of blood and I still couldn't finish the entire message... Good enough though. I'm now waiting here for either one to arrive. It's gonna end soon. No matter what this war is going to end here.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Done recovering and a little gift

So I'm done recovering. I've rejoined the war effort but haven't been able to do much. The bitch has been slaughtering our nests with her weapon and the puppets and proxies have been engaging each other heavily on all fronts.

So since I have nothing interesting to say I thought I'd inform you all of a conversation me and Harold had before this war started.

It involves our choice of weapon.

As I have stated he seems to enjoy projectiles and guns. I prefer a nice solid blade. Something about medium length like a machete or short sword. My reason is this. I'm relatively invincible. I enjoy nothing more than being up close and personal as I watch my opponents life slip away. As such I hate long ranged weapons especially firearms. I don't disrespect those who use them but I will never under any circumstance use them myself. Even if my life depended on it I would never stoop to using a gun. There's no fun in shooting your enemy from far away. Not to mention unless you're a lousy shot it's far too quick.

Now Harold would argue that the kill and personal safety is far more important than fun but he's kind of a killjoy so we're going to ignore everything he says.

That's all er... except for this.

In honor of what day this is...

Recovery time


Wait... Ok just a second...

No I don't know why I wrote that.

I took some pain medicine.

I don't know if it will or did actually do anything but apparently acting a little off on pain meds is compulsory no matter what you are.

So I've been recovering from my injuries and meanwhile that crazy bitch has been quickly turning the war against us. The proxies have pretty much completely retaken their place and have even moved in on our areas and The Girls. Harold is probably recovering as well.

I have never hated anyone as much as I hate this bitch. I don't even really know why I hate her so much. Sure she's arrogant and annoying and she has a weapon designed to kill me with the maximum amount of pain possible. Sure she ruined what was going to be an awesome fight to the death between equals but she's really no worse than er... The other Harold was... and she definitely didn't hurt me as much as that bastard The Liar did... So why do I hate this bitch so much. It's because when I looked at her I saw May again. The same way I do every time I see any female proxie now.

Portnoy... May... You two really did a number on me. Yet I could never hate May and despite everything being his fault I actually don't hate Portnoy either.

Course that's also his fault.

Friday, 30 March 2012


Well damn that was exhilarating.

So there was some heavy movement among the proxies and I went to shut down whatever was being planned. I quickly started the slaughter they didn't put up much fight. You know I'm starting to think I'm really bad at spotting traps. I fought my way into a warehouse and suddenly heard gunfire and saw Harold enter from the other direction. The warehouse was entirely empty aside from the two of us and suddenly the doors closed behind us and locked. Just the two of us facing each other. It was obvious at this point we had fallen for a trap but we hadn't realized the true extent. We had assumed they had just intended to make us fight. We were, well not happy but, willing to oblige. We faced each other. The world around us unimportant. My sight through the bird's eyes revealed every aspect of his appearance. The tension in his arms and face, the wild look in his eyes, the barrel of the guns pointed at me. I smiled and pointed my sword at him.

Me: I must admit I've been waiting for this. Slaughtering these weaklings isn't satisfying at all.

Harold: Agreed. It will be a shame to kill you but it will be a very fun challenge.

I charged and he started firing. He was a great shot but I was fast and had been expecting it. Even so my dodge wasn't perfect. I felt bullets pierce my shin and graze my left shoulder but momentum carried me and I crashed into him. My blade pierced his shoulder and his guns pushed against my chest.

Immediately there was mocking laughter. We pulled back from each other quickly and stood up shakinly from our injuries. There was a woman watching us. She was wearing a black body suit with the operator symbol on the stomach and a skull mask. There was a scythe in her hands.

Harold: Who the hell are you?

Woman: The Grinning Reaper. My master has sent me to oversee the war here and deal with you two.

Me: Good luck with that. Your little blade will result in much more damage to yourself than me.

G. Reaper: That so.

Next moment she charged and reached me in seconds she was surprisingly fast. The blade raised and slid down through the skin of my chest. It hurt but the wound wasn't deep. As she stepped back it took me a few seconds to realize something was wrong. I could feel the birds pressing towards the wound but they weren't coming out. I looked down and saw a large burnt scar a long my chest. I was shocked and took a closer look at the scythe. There was an attachment to the back of the blade. Two rods apparently meant to push the wound closed followed by a red hot piece of metal which automatically cauterized the wound. It was ingenious. A weapon most likely specifically created to deal with nests. I was shocked, impressed and terrified.  Shots rang out and she disappeared instantly. She reappeared a few seconds later behind Harold and as he turned she jabbed the end of the scythe pole into his stomach and then turned it hitting him in the face with the back of the scythe blade. Steam rose from the site of impact as the super heated metal hit his face. He fell to the ground and she stabbed the pole into the sword wound in his shoulder and leaned down close.

G. Reaper: You two are pathetic. I can't believe you wimps are giving us so many problems. The master should be more choosy about his servants but I guess it's not my place to judge his choices.

I stood back up and lunged at her. She quickly pulled the scythe out of Harold and parried my strike swinging it around and slashing my chest again and then swung it back around slicing me again vertically. I stumbled back. I was going to die. We both were.

Harold weakly aimed his gun at her from the ground but without even looking she swung the scythe down and cut his hand off at the wrist. He cried out in pain but I noticed that the wound wasn't cauterized that time. She noticed as well.

G. Reaper: Hmm looks like the batteries have already died. I guess that means your safe for now Little birdy. I don't need the heat to kill the dolly though.

She swung the scythe down but I rushed forward and blocked it then slashed at her she jumped back and I pressed forward. She parried my strikes but didn't even try to fight back. I was weakening however and so when she parried my last strike I lunged in close so we were mask to mask and pulled off my mask. The birds swarmed out straight into her face. One of the birds managed to stab her in the eye with it's beak and I heard her scream in pain as a trickle of blood leaked out of her eyehole. She cursed and as the birds swarmed at her again she disappeared. The birds than turned on Harold but his mistress apparently decided then to help out as his body suddenly jolted to it's feet and was pulled out of sight.

After a few minutes I left as well. Things are getting far more interesting.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Nothing important happened today so...

I figured I'd just expand on the idea put forth yesterday.

The way I see it the fears all fall into one of three categories.

Dangerous, Interested or Mischievous/Hateful.

Dangerous: The Slender Man, The Archangel and The Plague Doctor.

Interested: EAT, The Blind Man, The Convocation and The Cold Boy.

Mischievous/Hateful: The Choir, The Smiling Man, The Wooden Girl,

Well I guess saying they all fall into One category was a bit to simple for The Fears

The Rake: Dangerous and M/H

The Manufactured Newborn: Interested and M/H

Yeah actually screw it The Quiet doesn't fit anywhere... This idea is stupid... Oh and I saw a wall with an operator symbol on it then a strange new symbol and then another strange new symbol and then the operator symbol and yeah ad infinitum. At the moment the Operator symbol is on top. I'm guessing the other two are a new symbol for The Wooden Girl and The Convocation. I'll try and describe them I guess.

One was two objects next to each other that looked sort of like the peace symbol without the circle. The other was three lines essentially interwoven like tangled threads. I can't really describe either. Maybe I'll be able to get a pic later.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Art of Slaughter

So for once I made the first move. The proxies have been filtering into the area slowly and expanding their influence. These ones are much smarter and more dangerous than the others. I guess having Slendy's backing really does make them more effective. They chose some really good buildings to hole up in. They also seem to keep a rotating schedule and lots of incendiary weapons. A straight on attack would be suicide as would "teleporting" in.

Oh also as to why I'm attacking the proxies as opposed to the dolls who are obviously a greater threat in the area. Well both our forces and The wooden Girl's know that the other is the greater threat but we also know that the proxies would get in the way and if we leave them be they will eventually be able to become a credible threat to the area. Especially since to be completely honest I'm not sure about The bird's or the girl's chances against Slendy. I mean I know they're all incredibly powerful but The Slender Man. He just seems so much more dangerous than all the others. The only ones who come close to him in terms of the sheer level of danger he exerts are The Archangel and The Plague Doctor. Again I'm not saying he's more powerful just that... Well actually I don't know what I'm saying.

Anyways that was kind of a tangent back to the story. So I knew that the dolls had started an open attack on one of the proxy hideouts and were pretty much being slaughtered but I guess that's one advantage the wooden girl has quite a large amount of expendable bodies to throw at people.

So I decided to make my move against one of the less fortified areas. A dilapidated apartment complex. Only 110 or so proxies inside and this wouldn't be the first time I attacked an apartment. I figured I knew what I was doing. So I intended to break in through a window. Immediate flaw. The windows are all bars and there are no balconies. So I ended up having to choose between entering from the roof or the front door. Both seemed psychotic and I actually found myself pulling one of those what if they know that I know that they know things. Eventually I just chose at random and entered from the main door. I kicked open the front door and found myself facing... Bodies. Lots of them. Each one with a single bullet hole in the head.

Well this just got far too familiar.

I was hesitant to continue but one if I was wrong then the birds would be pissed at me for chickening out and 2 if I'm right this might be my one chance to face him on fair grounds.

So I continued on my way climbing through the building. I actually ran into some resistance and at least two apartments are on fire now. Oh and about 16 or so proxies are dead. It's strange I had no problem killing the other proxies and I don't have all that much problem killing these ones but there was this one woman I ran into on the stairs who I found it incredibly hard to kill. She wasn't a really a threat she had no weapons to speak of. I still hesitated to kill her. I couldn't not think of May. Of course it was that sudden memory of May that made me rethink that idea about her being weaponless. The sudden hunch turned out to be accurate and I sliced off her hand as she attempted to stab me with a poisoned needle then I stabbed her in the chest and threw her down the stairs. I wasn't very high yet only about 4 floors out of 26 but it was still enough that I was able to hear the beautiful crunch as her bones broke on impact below. It occurs to me. I don't know whether I can be poisoned either. I really need to find out about this stuff.

The rest of my trip up the stairs was uneventful. I faced a few more proxies burned down a few more floors and ran into a few more bodies. It was definitely him but he obviously wasn't being very thorough. Almost as if he was just running to the roof for some reason. I eventually stopped being thorough as well overtaken by an urge to follow him and I reached the roof shortly. The moment I stepped out onto the empty roof my senses told me I was an idiot. I ducked back into the roof access door just as the bullet passed by where I had been standing.

That was his plan. I'm not sure if it was specifically expecting me somehow or he was just trying to lure the proxies to the roof either way he had almost gotten me. I removed my mask and one or two birds swarmed up. I scoured the rooftops but he was gone. I went back down and continued cleaning out the place.

All in all not a bad job but I need to be way more careful of Harold.

Monday, 26 March 2012

If knowing what's going on is that important to you...

So yeah after me and Harold pretty much ended the proxies in this area The Convocation and Wooden Girl both staked claim to the area as opposed to letting Slenderman keep it and repopulate it. Obviously this pissed off Slendy as well as each other.

The convocation seem to be of the opinion that we have the upper hand since the proxies fear me and the dolls now respect my power. I'm not sure it's gonna be that easy but, what the birds want the birds get.

So time to kill some dolls and even more proxies. Oh and should probably be sure to stay away from windows and streets since you never know where Harold might be with his Sniper rifle. If possible I'll be settling all engagements in doors where Harold can't pop me from 300 yards.

Yes I am obsessing over Harold a bit. To be honest he scares the hell out of me. I'm sure I scare him as well but yeah. He's definitely going to be the greatest threat to me in this war.

Well at least since the masters intend to settle things among themselves personally so us minions don't have to worry about them coming in and just wrecking us.

That's uncharacteristically fair of them actually.

Well not that I can really judge any of them on character of course.

Oh my god I just realized. For the second time I'm going to be facing off against a dangerous enemy named Harold.


A lot can happen in one night.

So we found the proxy base there were about 30 or so inside. I wanted to flush them out with the birds but the dolls had more fun ideas. We barricaded the doors and then burnt the place down. I'm sure a few pathed out but I'm also sure many wouldn't have been smart enough. Final death toll unknown. Either way though we decided not to wait and moved on to our main target. Me and Harold alone using our respective travel methods arrived inside the proxies' main area back in their territory. They were caught by surprise. I released the birds and Harold released the bullets. Amazingly despite the air being filled with birds he managed not to hit a single one with his bullets.

And in such a simple way we ended the war. Or at least the major part of it. We spent the better part of the day hunting down the survivors.

Oh and The Convocation is now part of a Three way War with The Slenderman and The Wooden Girl. But that's not important right?  


So I arrived in The Wooden Girl's territory and immediately I came upon a few proxies fighting a few dolls. I charged in and stabbed one. The proxies were caught by surprise at my appearance and began to freak out but one managed to get them back under control. A few turned their attention on me including the one who I now assume was the leader. The dolls continued fighting fanatically, unable to stop or die until their mistress allowed them. Meanwhile, I engaged the proxies. The leader stayed back as I slaughtered his underlings and I admit I made the mistake of not keeping my eye on him during the melee.

After I slaughtered the last of his subordinates I turned to look for him and found him standing a few feet from me a molotov in his hand and about to be thrown. The world seemed to slow as I watched his hand moving forward. His fingers releasing from the bottle... then there was a whistle and the bottle exploded. The leader erupted in flame and started screaming. Immediately he began running towards me I readied to stab his flaming body but suddenly there was another whistle and he lurched to the side as if struck. He lay burning on the ground and a moment later Harold was there a sniper rifle in his hands.

So yeah soon the battle was over. We won of course. Only two dolls were broken beyond repair and 13 proxies were murdered.

Apparently Harold is trained not only in thrown projectiles but is an expert marksman as well. He's had lots of years to train. By which I mean he's apparently 200 or so years old. According to him The Wooden Girl's control extended so deep within him that she actually controlled him on a cellular level somehow and was able to prevent his cells from degenerating essentially giving him immortality and the inability to age.

That's pretty interesting. I'm not really sure whether or not I can age or die of old age. I should probably ask that at some point.

So yeah me and Harold plus a few dolls are heading out to take down the proxy base of operations here in Wooden Girl territory.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Time to move

Well they burned down my house. I wasn't there at the time. Seems kind of useless. I mean I was actually quite attached to that house but I doubt they knew that. They know I'm not a runner right? They realize they're dealing with an inhuman monster like themselves right?

Either way looks like it's time to show them exactly how stupid picking a fight with me was.

Apparently a large group of them have settled in The Wooden Girl's area to take out Harold and I destroyed the settlement in our area so I'm going to go meet up with Harold and help him and his doll friends kick these idiots out.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Extermination with extreme prejudice.

Proxies without their leader are apparently quite disorganized. Sure they still have higher ups to hold them together but without anything to command the higher ups they're hierarchy fails somewhat. This seems to be the only logical explanation as to why I just managed to kill about twenty who had decided to hide and wait in a house exactly across the street from me.

Really guys?

That was the best base of operations you could come up with?

Me and two other nests descended on the house at about 5:00 AM.

We each broke a window around the house and then flooded it with birds. We slaughtered them as they came running out.

We could have also just destroyed the entire place with lightning but that wouldn't have been as fun.

So far it seems this war will be easy as hell.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

This is War.

I do not care who's side I'm on... Sorry about that. I love that thing. Horrible murderers can love internet comedy why not?

Anyways so yeah I'm back home and I just got news that I was right the proxies of that area have declared war on me and Harold for our part in the deaths of a number of their members. Interestingly they have no backing at all from Slendy who has apparently given me the go ahead to wipe out every last one of them.

Just that certain branch though not like every proxy ever or anything. Essentially it seems this branch is now considered to be some sort of renegade loose cannon and Slendy doesn't really care about them now. 

So kill em all?


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Folly of Rationale

So it turns out that despite the special circumstances and their master essentially telling them it's over the proxies are still pissed for some reason. Probably feel that even though they attacked us we're the bad ones for killing some of them.

Had to kill two more who attacked us as we were preparing to leave. Hopefully that's the end of it but something tells me it won't be. Either way I'm back home and everything is normal again for now.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Viva la Muerte

It's over.

All the lies have gone.

The proxies attacked en masse and the last piece fell into place. I left Harold and the birds to handle it while I went to talk to May.

Me: May?

May: Yes?

Me: You're The Dying Man.

May: What?

Me: It's obvious. Been obvious for a while.

May: The hell are you talking about.

Me: A few things still don't make sense. I don't know why you can still use the path and I can't believe that all of your responses have been acting. However your attempt to throw us off with Jerry was actually a mistake. It wouldn't have been but you told me your entire plan before doing it. You pretty much said it explicitly in the comments. Jerry died roughly 4 hours after you and he... You poisoned him with your special concoction. No symptoms just sudden incredibly Dying Man like death. Now you and Jerry were the only ones who read my blog here and you only talked about the poison with me so there's no way that Harold could have known about the poison and Jerry was the one who was poisoned. So we're the only ones who know about your poison. I never touched Jerry before he died so it had to of been you.

May: What are you talking about. I didn't kill Jerry!

Me: You're still denying it?

May: Of course I'm denying it! It's not true.

Me: Ok last hint. The comments from The Dying Man stopped immediately after you were put under watch. Probably because you wouldn't be able to sen them without us seeing now.

May: ... I swear it's not m-

Suddenly her appearance seemed to change. I don't mean she looked different I mena she suddenly seemed more relaxed and she was smiling.

May: Well you got me. Not that I really expected you not to.

Me: May?

May: No. Not anymore. You're talking to The Liar now.

Me: ...

The Liar: I can answer your last few questions. She could still use the path because until the first time she used it The Slender Man didn't know I had possessed her. As for why she seemed so sincere in her reactions. It's because she was sincere. She had no idea she was possessed. See I'm a little different than most of the other pieces. I don't necessarily take control of my host immediately. I also never let them know they're possessed until I no longer need them. I control them with subtle subconscious hints or I possess them temporarily and blank out their memory of what they did. I convinced May she wanted to sleep with Jerry then took control and poisoned him. She was the one who told you about the poison in advance however. Rather wish she hadn't but it was too late by the time I realized the mistake she was making. I was also the one who told you I couldn't possess you.

Me: So what happens now. You just going to let me kill you?

The Liar: I wasn't lying I can't possess you. Even if you would never know it. The convocation would and they'd rip you to shreds before I could get any use out of you. I can't run. The proxies are after me at the moment and this body would be killed when I tried to flee even if I managed to get past you. I suppose I'm at your mercy. Fortunate for me that I chose a body you may be at least slightly adverse to harmi-

Me: Nope.

I rushed forward stabbing her/him/it in the chest.

She/He/It gasped in surprise then fell against me. I thought she was going to infect me try and take me with her but she didn't. Suddenly it was May again looking up into my lack of a face.

May: Sorry... I didn't know.

Me: Sorry I did.

Then she reached up and kissed me on my lips. I guess in her dying moments she wasn't bothered by the fact they're sort of a charred rough mess. She pulled back smiled weakly and died. I dropped her body and suddenly The Slender Man was there. He seemed to be looking at the body then at me. He nodded and disappeared with the body.

I went back to Harold and the proxies were gone. I told him what happened. He just shrugged and said "Job done."

His lack of empathy made me feel a little better.

So we're preparing to head back now.

How much do you want to bet I'm not even going to get a day of rest before The birds give me another assignment that will become some crazy adventure.

Almost makes me wish I was an ignorant human again.


Monday, 19 March 2012

Puzzle solving and god damn ninjas.

I've been racking my brain about a number of strange events. Jerry's death, May's survival, The Dying Man using May's username to mock me and why The god damn Slender Man attacked us. I think I figured out how they all fit together and I'm not happy.

Also Harold has officially earned some respect from me.


Because apparently he's a fucking ninja.

A Proxy paths in suddenly while I'm busy. Harold is out of the room doing who knows what and The proxy lunges at May. Next thing. Harold is there and the proxy is pinned to the wall. Throwing knives embedded in his neck, shoulders and wrists.


Apparently Harold is really good with projectile weaponry. Guess that Mask head shot he got on Slendy wasn't just a fluke. As for how he got there so fast he just shrugged said "I'm a doll" and went back to whatever he was doing.

I now have to wonder why he didn't use these skills any of the previous times they would have been helpful.

Although really I can't think of any other times he was really needed. I was pretty adequate protection until that moment so I guess he just felt I could handle things.


I'm actually starting to like Harold.

With the way this is going I bet if TB had survived longer he'd of become my best friend.

I blame Portnoy. 

Sunday, 18 March 2012


Yeah so unless Slendy himself has been possessed by The Dying Man we are in fact actually being attacked by proxies not The Dying Man. Two more pathed in but this time we were slightly more ready and they were dispatched without any damage. Then our good friend Slendy showed up again and he was psychotic. His tentacles just lashed out at all of us. I'm amazed we weren't injured. Something stopped him for a few seconds and we ran for it. Had to kill our way through a small crowd of proxies before we were clear.

Not saying where we are now. Course Slendy can find us if he wants to and I doubt his proxies will have trouble finding us either so...

This just in apparently Harold is actually the reason Slendy stopped attacking. He apparently tossed my mask at him. (I took it off based on Proxiehunter's comment and I've been meaning to get rid of it but I've been hesitant.) Anyways apparently he threw the mask at Slendy and it landed directly on his head. Apparently that must have surprised him or something. Wish I'd seen that. Anyways yeah we're not going to be getting any sleep tonight gotta stay up and make sure no more proxies show up. Hopefully he won't attack personally. I doubt we'll be lucky again.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

No no no no no!

Why does fate continually conspire against me!

Ok so we're trying to figure out what the fuck happened and suddenly some asshole Proxy paths in and stabs Harold in the fucking eye! What the hell?!

I killed the fucker and Harold is still alive if in incredible pain but what the fuck?!

Where the hell did this guy come from?! Why did he randomly stab one of us?

Is it The Dying Man? Is that possible? If so I'm probably infected again...

Just... god damn it. What the hell guys? 

Friday, 16 March 2012

Ding dong the witch is dead.

So yeah Jerry was apparently The Dying Man... Somehow. A couple of minutes ago I came back grudgingly to relieve him of duty and as he was leaving he brushed by me and dropped dead.

It was classic Dying Man behaviour. Course that would make me the new host. Also when the hell would he have been infected? I'm pretty sure May didn't infect him during... That. And of course I know I'm not infected so what the hell. Oh important info either May really isn't infected or she's a great actress. When he dropped she screamed and rushed over to the body I had to pull her away from him.

Then again it's not impossible that The Dying Man is a great actor. I think I mostly just want it to not be her. Either way though this needs to be figured out soon since the others, May and Harold of course, are watching me warily now. She seems to of forgotten that by her own words I can't be infected.

This is just confusing as fuck.

I also can't shake the fact I'm missing something.


Ok so... I just walked in on something interesting. Jerry is a dumbass. Ok so I walked into May's room to ask her a question that came to mind. I forgot it immediately. Yeah they were um. Naked and yeah. So May and Jerry... Great guard duty Jerry. I'm pretty sure not letting the person you're watching seduce you is one of the first rules of guard duty. Then again not like anything happened. Neither of them died on contact or anything.

I mean The Dying Man can pass without killing his previous host. I remember reading that somewhere but there would have been something right? I would have been able to tell if there was an infection. Right?

Actually yeah I don't even really care at the moment. I guess it's true. Now I really want to stab both of them. Well maybe stab Jerry and just do... something to May.

God damn it Portnoy. I hate having these... Feelings. Jealousy, Love, I'm used to hate but the others annoy me.

I should have stabbed you to death when you were vulnerable. I hope I never see you again. Oh god... I just said that... Now I'll definitely meet him again.

TL;DR I walked in on Jerry and May having sex. I'm not happy.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Trail has gone cold.

So yeah we have no leads now. May hasn't been able to supply any helpful information and The Dying Man hasn't contacted us again yet. I'm not watching May anymore. I needed to get some sleep so Jerry will be watching her tonight.

I have a bad feeling about this. I don't know if it's just my hatred of Jerry or whether it's actually something bigger than that but I have ill omens.

A disturbing thought just occurred to me. What if it's Jealousy?

I don't like May like that do I?


So we went to meet May. She was waiting for us and when we arrived she carefully stood up. She had been sitting. We're not stupid we remained wary of her and she understood that. She made no physical contact with any of us as we returned to the hotel. So what we've got so far. She has no memory of what happened after her conversation with me on the phone. She has no idea how she got here. She tried to go to The Proxies first but they tried to kill her. Our fault as well of course. We warned them she was infected. After she contacted us finding out that we had followed her here the events of our last meeting and then she managed to read my blog and found out what had happened.

She knows we still can't trust her but she swears she's not The Dying Man. I want to believe her but it's still dangerous. We're keeping her under watch. I volunteered for the job.

She has also raised a very good point. I'm technically immune to The Dying Man. At least it would be foolish for The Dying Man to possess me. The birds would know and they'd kill me before it could use me for anything. Probably even destroy it entirely since it would be unlikely it could transfer from my, either electrified to atoms or torn apart, corpse.

Me and May had a little conversation about her life as a proxy. Apparently she has never killed anyone but she has been responsible for some deaths. Apparently she's good at creating poisons. I asked where she learned this and she responded she had studied poisons and botany before she was proxied. Not for any real reason as she was quick to inform me. She was just bored and found poisons interesting. Not many proxies use poison apparently the majority she met preferred a more face to face approach however a few did and they all went to her to get the poisons they needed.

She told me about this special poison she created that takes exactly 4 hours to kill someone. It's apparently a cocktail of a number of poisons and pharmaceutical drugs that when combined create a very effective poison with no noticeable side effects. She blushingly admitted that she named it May's Gift. I think she was a little insulted when I laughed at the name because she became quiet at this point and expressed a desire to go to sleep.

Gotta stay up all night to watch her.

Have a good night everyone else out there. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Ok so the question now

Do we go back to Archangel territory and start searching hoping to get lucky or do we stay here and hope to god we get lucky?

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Everything you know is wrong.

We found May today. The Three of us confronted her in a park. When she saw us her eyes lit up and she rushed to us with glee. We all backed away knowing what her touch could do. She stopped confused and asked us what was going on? Before me or Harold could reply Jerry pulled out a gun and fired at her. The idiot missed. She jumped back and looked at us with pain and fear. Jerry aimed the gun again and she disappeared. She used the path. Is that normal? Can a Dying Man infected Slenderproxy use the path? If not does that mean she's not infected? If she's not infected then what the hell happened to her and who is infected?

I think The Dying Man tricked us...

Wait if May isn't infected we should find her and explain.

We've been hunting an uninfected Slender agent... that might be why Slender seemed so angry.

This is so confusing.

What the hell do we do now?

Monday, 12 March 2012

An interesting greeting.

So we arrived and set-up in Slender Territory and we were greeted by The Slenderman himself. He showed up in our hotel room and just stayed there for a few hours. Yeah not sure what his intentions are. There was a terrible feeling when he was there. It was like rage. I'm sure the others felt it. Oh and Harold got a call from The Liar. I think... It sounded like May. It was crying and begging us to come find her. She said she didn't know what happened. she can't remember anything after The Dying Man broke into the place she was hiding.

It must be some kind of trick or he's mocking us right?

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Lucky Break

May has been spotted. We know where to go next. We're on the move right now. Back in The Car. I actually kind of miss May's tone deaf singing now.

Saturday, 10 March 2012


So I told the others about the message. After a short conversation we decided that the message probably meant that it was heading to Slender territory. There are two Slenderman controlled areas nearby and we're not sure which she probably went to. We've notified both to be on the lookout for her and to alert us if she's sighted. It sucks having to just wait here. Especially since the longer we wait the more likely it will just jump again.

Thursday, 8 March 2012


We've been searching all day but there's no sign of may or the man. Wherever The Dying Man is we can't find him. I did find something though. May's computer was open to a certain webpage. I thought you might be interested in it.

So yeah.

We're still searching. No luck so far.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


We lost contact with May for a while and when we got contact again there was a banging scratching sound and heavy panicked breathing. It took a while before she actually spoke and al she said to Harold was pass me to Faceless. So I took the phone.

Faceless: Hello?

May: Hey. So... *Nervous laugh* He found me. I still can't access the path and I'm trapped. I still have no clue where I am and he'll get in here any second. I'm not a fighter never have been. I'm pretty much entirely useless as an agent. Never even killed anyone. The master probably sent me on this mission to get rid of me.

Faceless: If he takes you it will make him more identifiable to the rest of us. Your death will be of use at least.

May: That's nice to know... Anyways I wanted to say something to you. *Pause. The banging getting louder* I lied about my name. Dalia is my real name. May is my preferred name.

Faceless: ... So you switched them when you told us knowing we'd call you by what we thought was your real name just to be dicks?

May: Pretty much.

Faceless: *Pause* Goodbye May.

May: Goodbye.

*Call ended*

Yeah... I don't have anything else to say.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


So May called Harold today...

Not The Dying Man. May herself. At least we're pretty sure it's her. I guess it could be a trap... It's a pretty weak one though...

Apparently The Dying Man attacked her and TB and she panicked and ran (Great agent huh?) She has no idea where she is now and for some reason she can't access the path. I didn't hear the conversation but Harold said it sounded like she was crying. So the birds are scouting the city for her and we're trying to get her to describe where she is. So far her descriptions have not been helpful. It's almost like she's not even in the city anymore.

I'll post more when something happens.

Oh and you guys in the comments have any suggestions I'll be glad to hear them.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Good job guys. Clap yourselves on the back.

Well as everyone in the comments predicted things almost immediately fell apart. We lost contact with TB and May almost immediately and later we found TB um dismantled I guess. Organic and mechanical parts spread around like he had exploded from inside. We still haven't found May and we're assuming that our target is now her possessed body. Worst of all Jerry and Harold are fine.

So good job comments people you have better foresight than me.

Congratulations on that.

Sunday, 4 March 2012


So I told the others what I saw and my theory.

Here's a transcript so I don't have to write it out like a narrative.

Me: Ok guys I have some interesting news.

Harold: What?

Me: I think this threat might be The Dying Man.

*Jerry suddenly drops slightly in his seat but no one else seems to notice*

May: What? Why would The Dying Man be targeting us?

Me: I don't know but remember that rude little girl who tackled me earlier? Yeah well I sent a bird to spy on her and not only did I realize she looks exactly like a younger version of the woman from the video-

Jerry: Karen

Me: -Karen? Whatever anyways I'm pretty sure I saw her body jump. She enticed some old pedophile into a back alley and then suddenly dropped dead and immediately the man knew enough to locate and dispatch my spy.

TB: *Made a sound like a tea kettle whistling*

Me: You said it man.

Harold: So what now?

Me: Well I'll give you a description of the man from the best of my recollection and then we need to go out and find him. But first... Jerry you are the least subtle person I have ever seen. Would you mind telling us everything you know about the situation?

Jerry: *Visibly stiffens* I don't know what you're talking about.

Me: I'm not allowed to kill you but I'm pretty sure I am allowed to hurt you.

Jerry: ... Right. *Sighs* Ok The Girl in the video is named Karen Hunty she was one of our father's targets. She broke into a special meeting of some of our higher ups trying to get revenge or something who knows. However we've actually known about the Dying Man we're currently facing for a while. We knew one of our own was infected and we'd narrowed it down to one of the people in the room. See we'd been tracking it. It first showed up having apparently infected a puppet. It was considered worthy of watching due to the high level of stealth it showed. Apparently The Girl herself had no clue her puppet was infected since it never attempted to resist her manipulation until it managed to transfer to one of the willing dolls at which point it fled and we lost track of it until it resurfaced hiding in a low rank Slender Proxy. We decided to move then and capture the infected Proxy. We did. Then it "mysteriously" died and we realized it had somehow managed to jump into one of us. We were able to pinpoint all those who had any contact with it and brought them all to one place where they were all to be murdered hopefully ending the infection. Of course that's when Karen, misguided bitch that she was, broke in and killed them all for us. That wouldn't of been a problem except she of course didn't take steps to stop herself from being infected. The video was sent by the infected Timberwolf to mock our failed effort to contain it.

*Everyone was silent*

Harold: So you guys fucked up and lied about it so we wouldn't find out. You expected we'd come in solve the problem and you guys could just sweep it under the rug like it never happened?

Jerry: Pretty much.

Harold: Well fuck. Alright Faceless give us the description. We're going to search this city from top to bottom and find the motherfucker. Got it?

So now we're heading out in teams of two and Jerry on his own because fuck him. We're going to cover the entire city with just the 5 of us. Great...

Saturday, 3 March 2012

While we were waiting.

So we have no idea what to do next. Jerry and his buddies are being incredibly tightlipped about something and so Harold is trying to get them to open up. The rest of us are just waiting around. Out of the blue May decides to tell us her story. I'm reposting it here because I have nothing better to do. Apparently May had a classic slender experience mostly. She met him once as a little girl and he started stalking her a few years later until she eventually decided to work for him as opposed to having her intestines strung up on a tree like christmas tinsel. The only difference is there was a bit of fear involvement. Specifically her family was killed. She's still not sure which fear it was exactly but she knows it was one of the humanoid ones. Because she saw it leaving the house after and smiling at her as it waved a bloody knife at her. I questioned how she knows it wasn't just a Proxy. Her reply was she could feel a wrongness coming from it when she saw it that she has only since felt when meeting with one of the Fears. Well anyways yeah that's her story. Was that interesting? No? Didn't think so.

Wait... Somethings happening with that girl. She's left her house. Wait a minute that's it! It's her! She looks younger but it's the same girl from the video! Wait she's approaching some guy on the street. She's walking towards an alley now and he's following her. The bird is following as well. They're... They're making out. Ok guy is a pedophile and she's a prostitute that's nice info. Wait she just dropped to the ground and now he's leaving. The bird is following the guy. He's stopped. He's staring at the bird and smiling. God damn it he just shot the bird!

Ok... So little girl version of the girl from the video just went into an alley with a guy, kissed him, dropped dead and now the guy killed the bird. Oh god damn it I think I know what we're dealing with.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Seven Days

You ever get that feeling of Deja Vu when watching something and you realize that you're not fake remembering an event in your life but actually referencing something you remember from somewhere else that happened exactly the same way. No? Well whatever.

We've been watching the last recording for a while now. On repeat. There's something off about it yet at the same time familiar. I know I'm not the only one who feels it. The other 3 who came with me also seem to be deep in thought trying to recall why this is so familiar.

Also Harold is now going out of his way to try and get close to me now that he thinks he knows why I don't like him. He seems to be ignoring the fact I don't really like people in general.

The birds are still watching that girl for me but she's out of view at the moment. Has been for a while hiding in her bedroom. Almost like she knows she's being watched.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

God damn kids...

We finally get to our destination and the moment I get out of the car what happens? Some dumbass little kid between 14 and 16 just crashes into me bowling me over. Surprisingly heavy little girl she scrambles on top of me for a bit and then manages to get to her feet and run off in the span of a couple of seconds. I wanted to kill the little bitch but Harold stopped me from going after her. Apparently we don't have time for mindless bloody murder. Anyways we went to talk to The Timberwolves and they told us a bit more information. Apparently this woman (The threat) burst into the middle of a meeting and killed everyone including a rather high rank (of whatever hierarchy Timberwolves use) member. They only know what happened because one of the members had been transcribing the meeting and had recorded the woman entering and sent the recording presumably shortly before he died. They were able to piece together everything after the recording based on what they found. IE: A number of corpses, the senders smashed laptop and a number of spent shell casings and bullet holes. Apparently they initially thought it was just a runner who got lucky but further recurring events have started to make them doubt this woman is a normal human being. Apparently they're quite glad I'm part of the taskforce because at least one of them has been following my blog and fears this woman may be another Harold. That's just fucking great...

Humorously though apparently Harold. (The Doll Harold not Smokey) has not read my blog and complained thoroughly about being compared to this woman. Me and May and The Timberwolf (named Jerry. He's going to join us now yay -_-) had to explain who Harold (Smokey) was and what had happened. So that was amusing.

May, Jerry and TB are planning what to do next I'm over here updating my blog and being bored and Harold went out for a while to get us some pizza or something I don't know I wasn't paying attention.

Oh about that girl from earlier. I may not be able to kill her now but I asked one of the birds to watch her so I can find her again once this is over.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I hate Road Trips.

Especially when a certain Slender Agent who shares a name with a month of the year refuses to acknowledge the fact she cannot sing and continues to belch out bar after bar of 99 bottles of beer on the wall. I'd stab her but she's apparently essential to our quest or something. 

Anyways yeah we're heading to The Archangel's territory now. Why are we in a car and not just traveling through our various transportation methods? Because The archangel is a dick and refuses to allow us to fast travel into his territory. So Harold commandeered us a car and we're traveling like average humans. With May assaulting our ears with her shrill and screechy rendition of an already irritating travel song.

I long for death.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Introductions and briefing.

Ok so The doll guy is named Harold (Yeah... Apparently Fate wants me to know just how much it loves messing with me), The Agent is a girl. She told us her name is May but she wants us to call her Dalia. If she doesn't want us to use her real name why would she tell us it? Whatever and last The Newborn guy just gave us the name TB994 so I'm going to call him tuberculosis because I'm a bastard like that. Only to his face though. It's far too much effort to write that out every time I mention him here. Of course I'm going to call "Dalia" by her real name as well. Harold... I'm just going to avoid him for obvious reasons.

So anyways we have a bit more info on the threat. One it is currently female. Yes they said currently. Implying it can change genders or it uses hosts like The Dying Man or something. Also it was last spotted in Archangel territory. Apparently we're exempt from territory boundaries and The Fears and their servants will leave us alone. It's good to know we won't have to worry about being attacked by our own side for once. Anyways apparently we're leaving immediately to The Last known sighting of this threat.

Monday, 27 February 2012

I can't win.

Alright so I can't tell you everything about the meeting since a lot of it had to do with sensitive issues such as where certain high profile servants were stationed and their activities stuff like that. However I can tell you the main point of the meeting. Apparently there's a threat. Something that is undermining the power of servants of all kinds throughout this area. We know very little about it. The fears are pooling together a task force of servants to eliminate the threat. Guess who got drafted to be part of this task force? That's right. Yours truly! Fuck you life.

Anyways so yeah. The task force consists of a Slender agent, A willing doll (Sadly not Jester. That would have been awesome), myself and some kind of servant I've never heard of before. Apparently he's a newborn servant. Who knew it had servants?

So anyways this is going to suck...


So The birds had a new mission for me. Another runner. Initially I was all for it then I got to thinking. I haven't exactly had good luck with this so far. So I respectfully asked if someone else could take out the runner and if I could be given a job less likely to turn into a large conspiracy. Strangely enough they agreed. Now instead I have the job of representing The Birds and Nests at a meeting. I haven't been told what the meetings about but as long as there are other servants there. I mean if my normal trouble magnet behaviour causes any trouble I can always try and get another servant to do whatever is required. So yeah assuming nothing goes wrong and the meeting isn't something confidential I'll post what happens later. Bye for now.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Broken Band

I'm sitting here at home. It's been a hectic few days...

Right now I'm sitting here and thinking to myself. Why didn't I kill him?

I know the answer though. I've always known I just needed to be reminded.

When he made me human I was too busy to notice it. But now that I'm back I realize what I had then that I don't have anymore. When I was human everything was clearer and though I didn't realize it at the time I could feel things I couldn't before... Well not before after... Before he turned me human but after The Convocation turned me into a Nest... Whatever.

I'm losing track here... For that short time I was human again I could feel compassion and empathy. I could remember how I used to feel about my wife. The love I felt when I was with her the rage and despair when she left me... I could remember the pride I felt when I first saw my son and the happiness he gave me through the years I knew him. Last of all for the first time I could feel guilt about killing them...

I found my wife's wedding ring today. It had somehow ended up under the fridge when I killed her. It's cracked and the band has broken so that it forms an incomplete circle. I'm not human anymore I'm a nest again. I don't feel the way I did then. Still I'm going to keep it with me now...

To those of you reading this don't think I've gone soft or changed or anything. I still love being a Nest, I still believe nothing can beat the thrill of ending some poor bastard or bitch's life and if given the choice to kill my wife and child again I'd do it in a heartbeat. I am still The Faceless Bastard and you're all still just victims to me.

Goodnight sleep tight and pray the Birdies don't bite.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Lies of Epic proportions.

Screw formalities today just going to jump into the story.

Portnoy summoned a door for me and I executed my plan. It was rather simple. I sparta kicked the little punk through the door before following through myself. See I realized Portnoy's powers seemed very specifically extended to The City so I figured if I tricked him out of the City he'd be powerless. This plan worked. Sort of. It had an unforeseen side effect. Mostly the side effect being the end of all things. See bringing Portnoy out of The City had the adverse effect of bringing The City out of The City as well. Portnoy managed to explain this to me via garbled screams through the horrible pain that set on me the moment I stepped out of the city. Oh yes that horrible pain. Turns out there was an important factor to what Portnoy did to me in The City. He didn't actually fix me he just reversed time on my body to before the fire. Now that we were out of the city and he was powerless the effect was fixing itself rapidly. You ever experience the pain of burning, skin grafts, being hollowed out by The convocation, Cutting off your own face and every injury I sustained in my time as The Faceless bastard all at once? No? Well it's pretty damn painful. So I was kind of out of it for what happened next but I could sense all of the events as they happened. So sorry if my memory of the events seem more based on elicited emotions than actual visual concepts.

While I lay there in horrid pain, my body rearranging itself back into what it was before, the door to the city started to implode. No... turn inside out more like. Like if you take a balloon and turn it inside out and then begin blowing it up except nothing like that. The essence of the city was filtering out through the door extending into our world. A great feeling of emptiness settled around me and Portnoy and I could feel Portnoy's anger and fear. Then I felt a silence. Stretching out into the distance and smothering me. The silence was the desperate feeling of determination. Both sides were fighting Portnoy was trying to force The City back with sheer willpower and The City was trying to increase it's connection to Portnoy to override his will. This turned out to be The City's mistake. See when you consider the world in more than just a physical sense a connection becomes something tangible. Something capable of being severed. As the connection strengthened it became a tangible thing. A small wire like cord between the heart of The city and Portnoy. In a second portnoy grabbed my sword and severed the wire. There was a crushing feeling and I felt like my bones were being ground into powder. The city's rage and the tension released from the wire connection caused an explosion of energy. Then everything was silent for a while. The pain slowly settled down and I stood. The Door was gone. The City was back in The City. Portnoy was lying on the ground. I would have thought he was dead except he was breathing. He was comatose or something. It occurred to me that he had sacrificed his powers to destroy the connection. He was just a normal kid now and unable to move. I could have killed him easily. I didn't. I left him there. He was probably found eventually and hospitalized. I don't know or care what happened afterwards.

So why didn't I kill him? Well partly because I had no reason to. He wasn't a threat to me or the city anymore. Another reason was The City had manipulated me and tried to kill me. I wasn't happy about that and leaving Portnoy alive would piss it off. There may have been a third reason but I'm not willing to acknowledge it quite yet.

Oh and when my body went back pre-Portnoy the birds returned as well. I am a Nest again and the birds seem to act as though they were never gone so all that's left to say is...

I'm back baby.

Faceless out.

Friday, 24 February 2012

I cannot understand this death of the mind...

Ok how do I describe this thing... Um? Well I guess I'll start by describing the fear. I'm not one for being afraid of things but the moment this thing appeared I was terrified. Death the end of all living things was standing before me and in the face of Death even I trembled. Of course this was not the literal Death. I'm pretty sure for all intents and purposes that's The Dying Man. This was just a creature that embodied destruction, despair and hopelessness to such a degree that calling him anything other than death does not do it justice.

This was a creature that did not come from a universe with a kind and loving god. I could feel in the walls around me that The City itself was reluctant to call forth this beast and had done so only as it's absolute last resort against us.

Hmm to describe it itself. Well any words said in a language understandable to humans would fall flat in describing this creature but I'll do my best.

Picture The Rake. Now make him have pitch black skin that abruptly changes mass and state of matter at whim. Plus large angelic wings made out of strings of ink and flesh. The face with the sharpest teeth imaginable attached to crushing mandibles like that of a giant carniverous insect. It's face where eyes would be a bloody slash. Instead eyes that stare into your soul float in the darkness that enshrouds it. It's legs are like that of a giant spider but ending in blood red claws that sizzle against the ground like acid with every step. One arm a sickly green colour with smoke that smells of Decay wafting off the skin and the other arm a constantly shifting tentacular mass like those of The Slenderman.

This description does not begin to capture the terror of the creature that faced us.

The boy god beside me was quivering with fear at this monstrosity.

Then it roared. The sound that ushered forth was existence and destruction captured in the form of a single cry and I fell to my knees unable to stand.

Portnoy recovered quickly and the ceiling collapsed on the creature. The creature merely lifted it's sickly green arm and the ceiling was devoured by disease and the ravages of time leaving a hole into the void of uncreation.

I am not at all ashamed to say I did not rush forth into battle. I stayed cowed and terrified before the creature for the vast majority of the fight. The fight consisting mostly of Portnoy throwing all he had at the creature and the creature crushing it with ease and mindless brutality. The girl was frozen in terror as she regarded the creature and I acted to remind her of the importance of her deed. She was startled and with a broken air returned to her duties activating the machine.

When I turned my attention back to the creature it was towering over me it's front legs lifted high about to crash down on me.

I will say this now. Despite every negative thing fear is it is also one hell of a motivator. I rose immediately to my feet and sidestepped the falling claws guiding them to the sides of me with my machete. The corrosive scent in the air stung my nose and my clothing and machete were melting slowly due to the acidity. I was now beneath the creature. I drove my machete up into it's stomach and the creature roared again. The sound broke something inside of me and I fell back. I was dazed and could only blurry see what sprang forth from the cut I made in the monstrosity. It was a blackish, whitish, greyish. rainbowish, colourless, gaseous liquid. As it touched the ground it began to spread and again the motivational powers of fear are astounding. I immediately scrambled back to my feet and ran from the mass. The ground was... Not dissolving... Simply ceasing to be wherever the mass touched. The creature was not focused on me anymore. Portnoy had scored a hit on the creature as well and it was now fully focused on him again. I watched the tentacle arm lash out and wrap around Portnoy constricting him. I yelled out to him to give me another blade as I rushed over and he gladly obliged. With the sword he created I slashed through the tentacle freeing Portnoy. Luckily the tentacle did not bleed out the same anti-existence the rest of his body did.

The fight was still not going well though. In the next few minutes we damaged him many more times but nothing seemed to actually do anything more than give us a limited respite and release more of that anti-existence stuff. Luckily at this point the machine activated. Immediately the city seemed to shift and all the signs of the battle, the creature and the anti-existence disappeared.

I'm writing this in the short time we have. In moments Portnoy will open a door for me and then my plan will be put into action. The City made it much harder than it needed to be... I will continue seeing that creature in my nightmares for years to come.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Something awesome this way comes...

That was awesome! Ok so we started the machine and immediately the entire City began to shake and move. Then these strange spider thingies started growing out of the floors walls and ceilings and attacked us. Despite seemingly being made out of metal and stone and earth and stuff they still bled. I slaughtered a few and Portnoy crushed the rest by temporarily compacting the entire place into a single mass or something. Not sure how he managed to not kill us or destroy the machine though. After that stuff started coming in waves. There were more spiders some giant golem like things and a horde of strange mutated humanoid creatures. We took care of those. I personally did most of the fighting while Portnoy had my back. Finally These people showed up they were all dead but they looked strangely familiar I think one of them was an undead version of the girl who created the machine. Portnoy seemed to be reluctant to hurt them so I took them out without his help. It wasn't too hard. After that it seemed like it's over but apparently not. Portnoy says there was a massive surge of power from The City during the fighting. It brought something into the city. Something powerful.

I can't wait.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Let's do the time warp again?

Sorry I wasn't able to update recently things have been hectic. There have been all sorts of strange time shenanigans and stuff. Oh and we're now in open war with The City. Let me explain.

Ok after the events in The Library we were somehow transported to a weird desert place where we met believe it or not The Archangel who apparently is close friends with P.A. yeah I wasn't aware The Archangel made friends either. P.A. just said The Archangel who he calls The Gravedigger found him amusing but anyways it's not important. P.A. and The Archangel made some kind of deal and now we're apparently in some kind of metallic room some amount of time in the past. Here we met some girl and I'm not going to say anymore about that because it's kind of messed up. Now apparently she built some kind of machine that can disrupt The Cities control temporarily so we're planning to use that to let P.A open the door. The problem is that The City is aware of this and the moment we try to activate it The City will do whatever it can to stop us. so yeah we're about to start it up... Should be fun. It's been a while since I got to kill anything.