Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Something awesome this way comes...

That was awesome! Ok so we started the machine and immediately the entire City began to shake and move. Then these strange spider thingies started growing out of the floors walls and ceilings and attacked us. Despite seemingly being made out of metal and stone and earth and stuff they still bled. I slaughtered a few and Portnoy crushed the rest by temporarily compacting the entire place into a single mass or something. Not sure how he managed to not kill us or destroy the machine though. After that stuff started coming in waves. There were more spiders some giant golem like things and a horde of strange mutated humanoid creatures. We took care of those. I personally did most of the fighting while Portnoy had my back. Finally These people showed up they were all dead but they looked strangely familiar I think one of them was an undead version of the girl who created the machine. Portnoy seemed to be reluctant to hurt them so I took them out without his help. It wasn't too hard. After that it seemed like it's over but apparently not. Portnoy says there was a massive surge of power from The City during the fighting. It brought something into the city. Something powerful.

I can't wait.


  1. Me? I don't think I'm there... let me check... nope.

  2. You're a bit suicidal, aren'tcha pal?

  3. how is it that despite having your shitty mortality returned to you and the limitations that go along with that, that you're still able to be such a badass killing machine? I mean if you're no longer a nest, shouldn't you bleed like a stuck pig, just like the rest?