Monday, 27 February 2012

I can't win.

Alright so I can't tell you everything about the meeting since a lot of it had to do with sensitive issues such as where certain high profile servants were stationed and their activities stuff like that. However I can tell you the main point of the meeting. Apparently there's a threat. Something that is undermining the power of servants of all kinds throughout this area. We know very little about it. The fears are pooling together a task force of servants to eliminate the threat. Guess who got drafted to be part of this task force? That's right. Yours truly! Fuck you life.

Anyways so yeah. The task force consists of a Slender agent, A willing doll (Sadly not Jester. That would have been awesome), myself and some kind of servant I've never heard of before. Apparently he's a newborn servant. Who knew it had servants?

So anyways this is going to suck...


  1. Um, something underming Proxies of all types? You guys aren't in west Michigan are you? If you guys are coming after me enmass I've got to up my defenses again.

    But maybe it's something else, you did say undermining not killing.

    1. No it's not you although that would be pretty awesome too. I imagine that would be kind of flattering to you knowing we actually consider you enough of a threat to create a task squad to get rid of you but sadly no you're not our target.

      If it's any consolation I consider you enough of a threat that a concentrated effort to eliminate you should be undertaken. Maybe I'll suggest it sometime.

  2. "Fuck you life." Yeeeeah. Fate has made you her little bitch, hasn't she?