Tuesday, 31 January 2012

It's Time For a Smackdown.

I checked the mask there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it. No hidden traps. Even had the birds check it for anything I couldn't see. Nothing. It is a very nice mask. Nice milky white colour with straps in the back. My other mask was just a string. It was kind of loose and slipped a lot this one is much better. It's nice and tight around my head doesn't slip at all. I guess I should actually thank Harold before I kill him. Speaking of which. It's time. I'm going now. I have a plan. I don't know if it will actually work. It's my only chance though. If I don't make it I just want you all to know. I am truly sorry I will never get to know the feeling of sliding my machete into your flesh.

Oh and if Harold survives this encounter I'm relying on you, Proxie.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Smug Bastard.

Well turns out the box contained a new mask. A very nice one too with a note. "I read on your blog that my little trap cracked your mask. I thought you might prefer a new one. We can't have you in a cracked mask for our final meeting." The note also had an address. Looks like this is it. Bastard is waiting for me time to end this.

Any final tips you might have will be greatly appreciated.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Location location location.

So I saw Harold today but he left before I could do anything besides I haven't figured out how to hurt something made out of smoke yet. Anyways you'll probably think me stupid for this but I actually live in my old house still. The one I murdered my ex-wife and son in? Yeah that one. I never stopped living here. I don't really see the point in finding somewhere else to live and I don't want to spend all my time in the godforsaken place the birds come from so I stay here. As I was at home today trying to figure out where to look next and methods of killing him my vision goes blurry again and then there he is standing in front of me. He merely handed me a gift wrapped box and then disappeared. I haven't opened it yet. I haven't thrown it out either. I probably should. It could be a bomb or something. It's definitely not something I'm going to like... I guess if I'm not going to get rid of it I might as well open it... I'm going to do that now. Wish me luck.

Saturday, 21 January 2012


Ok so I've been looking for Harold since finding out what he was. So far I got nothing. Also any idea how to kill someone who can turn into a gas? Preferably without having to touch him since I'm not sure what effect touching him would have.

Anyways continuing my search now. Bye.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Catastrophe and answers.

Sorry I didn't finish the post all at once I wanted to get some more answers first. So after Harold killed Sandy I attacked him and he turned into mist and fled. I don't know why he didn't kill me. He undoubtedly had the ability to do it.  Regardless though I left in a hurry and contacted my master telling them what had happened. I didn't get in trouble because apparently they knew about this and had been expecting it. Sandy was not a prospective nest she was merely a trap. More accurately my watching her was a trap to draw out Harold so they could get more information on him. After explaining this to me they told me to seek out The Camper. Eat is a being of knowledge and if anyone knows what's going on it's her.  So I went looking took me a little while but I found one. After a bit of unimportant conversation he told me a story. Apparently way back in the past There were many more of the creatures we call fears then there are now. However for some reason many of them disappeared. Not dead he was very explicit that they were not dead merely gone or dormant. He claims that Harold must have somehow tapped into the powers of one of these gone fears. So there you have it. Somehow Harold has become a proxy of a non-existent fear. Great...

Disaster and Lies.

I found her again took longer than I expected. I had thought she would return home but she didn't. I found her hiding in an alleyway. She was terrified but not of me. I didn't see her friends and asked what happened. She didn't talk at first merely made a whimpering sound.
Eventually I got her to tell me what happened. Apparently after fleeing from me her and her friends ran here to hide and directly into a man. Her friends hit him first and she merely banged into them which saved her life as at the moment of contact with the man they began screaming and turned into smoke. After that he turned see through and disappeared. As she spoke my vision (well my vision by proxy of the birds) began to blur as if there was smoke or something in front of my eyes. I should have realized something was wrong immediately but I was too busy thinking about her story. A few second later the blur in my vision coalesced into a man behind her and he placed his hand on her shoulder. She started screaming and then burst into a wisp of smoke. The man... No. The thing. It was motherfucking Harold.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Day 2: First impressions are important.

So been trailing this girl for a while now and I no longer find her annoying. Now she merely bores me. However, there was one silver lining. I got to kill someone. The girl and two of her friends were walking home and got attacked by some guys. So as per my orders I was allowed to step in and fuck some poor bastard up. After I carved the first guy a nice little hole in his chest the rest ran, as did Sandy and her friends. Oh well. I chased down the other two guys and made one of them swallow their own knife. God that was satisfying. The other I just slit open and cut out his organs. Course the birds were mad that I let her out of my sight while I hunted these men down but what harm can her and her friends get into in the short time it might take to find them again?

Monday, 16 January 2012

Day 1: not so good.

So I've been watching this girl. She calls herself Sandy. I think it's merely short for Cassandra here though. She's 22 and in her second year of university. Apparently she's going to be a teacher. At least she would have been a teacher if we didn't have other plans. She talks non-stop about everything and she's always with other people. It's a good thing I don't have to kill her. I'd have to slaughter the entire town to get her alone. Not that that doesn't sound like fun or anything. So yes I'm supposed to watch this idiot and make sure she doesn't come to harm. Oh goody... 

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Thy will be done.

My masters have ordered me to stop my pursuit of Harold. Their reasons were vague. Something about not understanding the situation. They gave me another mission instead. A simple observation mission. I'm supposed to keep watch over some random girl they think might make a good nest. It's insulting. That's not the kind of job I'm supposed to do I'm a killer. There's something going on here and they want me away from it.

Conspiracy or not I can't disobey my masters. Looks like your safe for now Harold.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Birds and bloodstains

Well guys the time came. Everyone who was going to be there was there. I requested some backup from some of our more deadly nests. I can't say names but I'll tell you I call them Mother and Child. Unfortunately they were busy on an assignment. I almost feel bad for whoever those two are after. However that meant I was on my own against an entire nest (Excuse me) of angry armed runners. This was going to be interesting. I got down from my perch (I really need to stop accidentally making bird puns) and smashed a first floor patio door to let myself in. Two people were in the apartment an old man and a young woman. They didn't seem to be involved. Killed them both anyways. Quick stab in the neck before they could scream. I opened the door to the hallway and lifted the mask. The birds spread out to clear the halls and attack anyone who left their room. Now I had the run of the place. I wandered through the halls kicking in doors intent on slaughtering anyone I found. Surprisingly all the rooms were empty. I heard gunshots and I headed in that direction. I found the birds devouring a group of bodies by the elevator. With floor one apparently cleared I moved onto the next and so on until the thirteenth or fourteenth floor since this building was apparently suspicious. All the floors so far had been empty but that floor is where I saw Harold. He was watching the elevator as it opened and he grinned at me. I should have set the birds on him but I didn't. I wanted to kill him myself. He began running and I chased him into an apartment suite. Realizing I had cornered him I moved in for the kill and the bastard jumped out a window! It was shortly after that I found out that the suite was loaded with explosives. I survived thanks to my feathered friends who carried me out before the explosion but I will not forgive that bastard.

my mask was cracked during the escape. It has become personal now Harold. I know enough about movies to realize there's no way you died jumping out that window. You obviously had an exit.

So I failed to kill you and you failed to kill me. Next time we meet this will be settled once and for all.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Well hello there Harold.

I am amused. Greatly amused. So I've been spying on this apartment and you'll never guess what happened. A bunch of others began arriving and in large numbers. Apparently they were stupid enough to lead me to their main meeting place. That's already pretty funny but you'll never guess who's leading them. It's my good friend Harold. Can you believe that. I wonder if he knows yet? I'll have to tell him right before I kill him. This is going to be so much fun.

When I was a young boy...

At the age of 23 and married with a son of 2 years. There was a fire at the house we lived in. No one was hurt. No one but me. My family got out fine but I was trapped inside and got severely burned. My face and arms especially were damaged and when I eventually did manage to crawl my way out of the flames and into the snow I realized I couldn't see. My eyes had been completely destroyed. I was hospitalized and treated. They kept me alive and they were able to fix my arms with skin grafts but my face and eyes were ruined. I became depressed, angry and bitter. Due to my disability and mutilated face I didn't go out much anymore and my wife divorced me. I kept custody of my son though. Well joint anyways he came over on occasion. While I sat like this in my favourite chair feeling wretched and ruined they came to me. I still don't know who they were. A random pair of nests who invited me to become like them. I'm not sure what use they saw in a broken man but apparently they knew what they were doing. It didn't take much coaxing to get me to agree. Once my new life and role were explained to me I came to a realization. This was what I was always meant to be. I was never meant to be like you wretched beings I was meant to be more. A servant of a dark god. My first act of tribute to my new master was to remove the sign of my weakness. I cut off my mutilated face. Leaving just a hole through which they could act as my eyes. My second act was to kill my wife and child. I waited pretending to still be the broken man I had once been till she came to deliver the child. I had bandaged my face then a mask is much more effective. When they arrived I invited her in just for "a quick chat before you leave my life again". She bought it. She followed me into the kitchen while the boy stayed in the living room. I unbandaged my face and let the birds have her. Then I walked into the living room. Birds staring down at my son with hate from the same spot  my eyes had once stared down at him with love. He cried. I wasn't his father anymore. I wasn't his species anymore. He was just food for the Convocation.

You might be wondering why I told you all this.

Well It's because I'm bored. I tracked some of the runners from the bar to this apartment building and I'm waiting to see what they do. Of course I'll be sure to tell you what happens and I won't spare any of the gory details.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

A quiet night at the bar.

So I was hanging out at a little known dive bar called O'briens. The O is an operator symbol. See the bar was created to look like a haven for runners. Of course the owner is a slenderproxy and the staff and most of the other customers are various other proxy types. Although I don't remember ever seeing another nest in here. Most runners undoubtedly see through the ruse but occasionally one or two fall for it. So anyways I was there without my mask of course. Don't want to be conspicuous I did have a mask though of course. Just not my normal one. It was a simple facemask this time. That's not important though. There were two people in the bar today aside from me and the normal proxy customers. Two foolish runners who had fallen into the trap I naturally assumed. The weird part though is that they were talking about the other people in the bar. The word proxies was said quite a bit. It didn't take long for me to realize that they were well aware of where they were and what was going on. Of course no one else was aware of their conversation. They were all listening of course but these runners were very quiet. I could listen because I have very good hearing. I guess you could say I have ears like a bird. That joke was pathetic. Anyways... so I'll admit this was a little unnerving. Something deceitful was going on and for once we weren't the ones responsible. I slipped out a side door into an alley. I heard one of them refer to the guy with the mask as I left I don't think they knew who I was or what I was which was good. A few minutes after I left there was shouting and gunfire from inside then the unmistakeable smell of something burning. I waited outside. I shouldn't have but I was curious as to what would happen next. The bar was burning the screaming was undoubtedly not coming from the runners. It seemed it wasn't going well for "our side". There seemed to be more inside than there were originally as well. As I puzzled out what had happened the door opened and two men came out one with a bat the other with what looked like a Rapier. I was a little impressed. It's not often you see someone in real life wielding a rapier as their favored weapon. I wondered where he got it. They advanced on me and I took out my weapon. A machete. I'm a murderer with a mask as far as I'm concerned having a machete is tradition. The one with the bat charged and swung wildly at my face. I let him hit and casually jabbed my machete into his stomach at the same time. I'm not very protective of my face that was his mistake. He was bleeding on the ground and the other one began backing away. Not fearfully merely as if he wanted a running start. I wasn't going to give him the time to do whatever he planned. I raised my empty hand and took off my mask. The birds made short work of him. Now as for the bar it seemed this had been a planned out attack. The two runners had been in there merely to find out how many of us were in there and possibly identify types. Then a second larger group had come in with guns and attacked. I'm not entirely sure whether they had meant to light the bar on fire. I am certain they had not intended it to light while they were still fighting though. The bar is gone and aside from the two I killed it seems that our side hadn't done very well. Oh well the bar had never been all that effective anyways. This planned attack by a group is a little worrisome though.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Hello I'm The Faceless Bastard

You may remember me from such things as being the guy who calmly walked out of your house last night after slaughtering your mother, father and cute little baby sister. Of course that would only be if you're a certain Mr. Harold Ardy. (We're watching you Harold.)

The rest of you may just know me as The Faceless Bastard, The Winged Mask, That creepy masked guy with the birds that came out of his chest and pecked off my best friend's face or any of the other names I have had. I think the faceless bastard is my favourite though. Mostly because of the connotations it already has with the tall Stranger. It's a delicious bit of irony in my eyes to have a name that some ascribe to him while working for an entirely different entity. Those more in the know probably already figured out from the statements up there that I'm a nest. Not a normal nest though. At least not as far as I can tell. Aside from roosting inside of me my feathered friends never really demand much of me. I consider myself pretty freelance. I mean occasionally they'll tell me to do something. Like the above mentioned slaughter of Harold's family. (Keep running. It's so much more fun to chase) But most of the time I am left to my own devices. Most of which consist of torture implements. I sometimes think I would have made a better Slender Proxy or whatever the hell the angel freaks call themselves but I probably wouldn't be given all the freedom I enjoy here. Although again I'm pretty sure having this much freedom is abnormal with any of the proxies. Hmm I'll probably gloat if I ever run into a puppet. Camper too I guess but they wouldn't care anymore would they?

I should probably stop rambling and get around to the main reason this blog exists. There are two.

First. This acts as a good way to keep people updated on my current actions and whereabouts. (Yes this includes runners and fighters. Come and get me) It also acts as a fun and easy way to get any messages I need to give out to those who are supposed to receive them. Again like Harold. (Your sister cried. A lot. Thought you should know.)

Second. I'm bored and this will be a good way to kill time while I wait for the next exciting event in my life.