Thursday, 26 January 2012

Smug Bastard.

Well turns out the box contained a new mask. A very nice one too with a note. "I read on your blog that my little trap cracked your mask. I thought you might prefer a new one. We can't have you in a cracked mask for our final meeting." The note also had an address. Looks like this is it. Bastard is waiting for me time to end this.

Any final tips you might have will be greatly appreciated.


  1. So he's made of smoke?

    Use a fan.

  2. Well, one tip is don't wear the new mask. I know if I sent a Proxy a new mask it would involve some sort of trap, tracking mechanism, or a contact poison on the mask.

    I'm going to wish you good luck with this Birdbrain, because well . . . better the devil I know than this refugee from Lost. I've got a few ideas on how to kill one of you myself, Smokey on the other hand I've got no clue.

  3. -laughs- I'd say check it for defects, and if you can't find any you should wear it. No point in making things harder, yea?