Monday, 30 April 2012

Burn baby burn.

Ok then. The A. Dying Men have started actively attacking back and are now targeting us specifically. I guess that means they're evolving intelligence? Huh I thought The Plague Doctor was responsible for this not EAT. Ah ha ha I hope I'm joking.

Anyways yes this just became too dangerous for caution. We're going to burn the entire city down to the ground.

If you live in or near Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada. You're probably already infected. If not get out. Or try we probably won't actually let you leave :D

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Brink of Disaster

So we've been killing Dying Men for about a day now and their numbers are still increasing. A couple of proxies have joined the fight and still they're increasing. Turns out headshots don't kill them. Or at least the bodies continue moving. Which considering they are also still capable of infecting means we still have no viable way to destroy these things. Their numbers keep moving up and we have only managed to kill what 2 of them? Harold says yes we killed two. Both of which were killed via incredibly difficult and impractical means. IE: We shot them until they couldn't get back up and then slowly dissolved them in acid. I doubt this will be effective on what is it about 100 or so. Harold says 200. Great.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Stemming The Tide

Death is a funny thing.  Dying is not.

These aren't as smart as The Normal Dying Man they work purely on instinct. Which means the invulnerability That The Liar told me about is not in affect here. If they touch me they will try to transfer and that will kill us both. So as much as I hate it. range is a necessity here. As such I've called in a little favor.

It's nice to have allies.

I'm watching one of the A. Dying Men right now. Wait for it... Wait for it... Boom headshot! And of course he's beside me now.

So as you probably guessed Harold is back to help me deal with these things.

Hmm considering that the other Harold is back as well I should probably distinguish between the two somehow. Doll!Harold and Harold? No Harold and Smokey! There you go. I really should deal with him soon but I'm busy with this at the moment. Besides it seems like he's not going to be too much of a problem for a while. Off hunting his master he's not even on this continent anymore.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Absofuckinglutely correct.

Well Proxie called it. I am now pissed.

Apparently The Oathbreakers and their master have been trying to create an artificial form of The Dying Man. He's essentially a disease already so I guess they just figured they should have control over him or something like him. That's just fucking great. Obviously their attempt was defective. Also they're all dead. So that's the end of it right? Nope of course not.

That would be too god damn easy!

Apparently all the oathbreakers have been working on it including other hospitals and labs throughout the god damn country!

Oh and one of them succeeded. Fuck you. They set him loose and he is now quite rapidly making his way through the population. Time to go Dying Man hunting again boys and girls. This time with a dying man that apparently can't be harmed or killed. Yeah apparently the bodies are autonomous or something. Killing them will require complete destruction of the body or the removal of the Artificial!Dying Man.

Quick question becomes what exactly is the oathbreakers real plan with this. They just set it loose? That's not really controlling it. That's sort of out of style for them isn't it. Wouldn't they want to be able to control the spread of their new super disease. Target it accurately and stuff?

Fuck ok. Vadim is going to go "talk" to The Oathbreakers responsible while I go try and stem The A. Dying Man flow.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


We found a still living doctor and luckily for us he was in fact an oathbreaker.

How did we find out... I'll leave that to your imagination.

Anyways so we interrogated him which mostly involved having the birds peck his face moving closer and closer to his eyeballs with each peck. Pain plus the fear of impending eye pain is a surprisingly good motivator. Sadly he only got out two words before he started gagging and choked to death on his own bile. Searching the body we found that he had apparently injected himself with something during the interrogation. Crafty bastard.

Oh and those two words...
Artifical die/dye.

Not sure what that means.

Looks like we've hit a dead end for now.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Observations and explanations.

Ok so we went to the morgue to find the body. We found it. Although body is the wrong word. The word... Sludge would be more accurate. We found him but all that was left was rotted skin. No bones nothing but rotted skin in a pile. Upon finding this we decided to go over what we know and try to figure something out.

So here's what we know.

My friend here, his name is Vadim, apparently hired these two thugs to rough me up a bit. He also informed me that he was rather enjoying our little game. I'm only (Extremely) annoyed by this admission. Regardless, he hired these two thugs who had in fact contacted him earlier about his dealings with the fears and advertising themselves as runner mercenaries. One stayed with him while the other went out to handle the remainder of his plans. Shortly after and coinciding with the time when I managed to beat up the other thug the second one stated randomly that he was defective and being recalled. He then disappeared but Vadim traced him back to this hospital at which time he found out that he had mysteriously died. Obviously these two are something not human and both were killed by The Oathbreakers apparently because they were defective?

Strange. We should probably find a living Oathbreaker to interrogate. Hope we left one alive.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Of course...

So guess that didn't matter. I headed back into the hospital. This time with a bit more of a kill everything attitude or at least everything that managed to see me which, since I'm rather horrible at stealth, was a vast majority of the hospital. Also since I'm working for the birds again they're letting me use them again. It was glorious. I slaughtered tons. Like god damn everyone in that hospital except one person who got the drop on me. I was looking around a corner when I felt the gun press against the back of my skull.

"I manage to sneak up on you again huh?"

My first thought: Harold. Moments later though I realized it was a heavily accented voice. It was The God damn Runner Slendy wanted me to kill. It wasn't that surprising since he was what led to this but what happened next was.

He put the gun away.

"You the one who put the thug in the hospital?"

I told him I was.

"So you're investigating as well?"

I was confused but I nodded.

"Ok, then. Temporary truce?"

 First thought: fuck no.

Second much smarter thought. Why the hell not?

So I have a new friend... for now.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Thanks for the help.

Really guys thanks so much...

Guess I'll just have to choose on my own. Slendy's seems easier but I guess I do owe the birds more so time to check out what's going on...

The best way to do that would be... Going back to the hospital?

Oh Damn it all!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

*Sigh* What?

Ok so it happened. The birds have latched onto these oddities and are now demanding that I check things out. Which means I now have two missions somewhat related possibly but still.

The Slender Man wants me to kill some guy who's still missing.

The Birds want me to investigate these weird going ons.

Which do you think I should focus on? I'm leaving it completely up to you. 

Friday, 20 April 2012

Ah ha ha... I got hospitalized.

Ok so apparently I was unconscious for um what day is it? Who knows or cares. I can't prove it but I'm pretty sure one of those god damn Oathbreakers did something to me. I'm being let out now apparently I fell into a diabetic coma... I AM FILLED WITH BIRDS I DO NOT HAVE DIABETES I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF I HAVE INTERNAL ORGANS OR THE ABILITY TO GET DISEASES!  FUCK YOU OATHBREAKERS!

God damn it... I'm sure this has something to do with me checking out that guy... Oh well time to go. I need to find this guy and I want to get away from this hospital. Never setting foot in a hospital again I swear.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Confused reactions.

So I figured out what was wrong with that guy. He didn't bleed. Like at all. I broke bones and I'm almost entirely sure that I split skin quite a few times but he didn't bleed. In fact aside from the verbal responses he didn't react to his pain much either. Starting to think he wasn't human. I checked the local hospitals and found him. (Most of the hospitals in this area are run by Oathbreakers so patient confidentiality isn't exactly a problem) I went to visit him. Interestingly enough the day I went to visit someone else by the name of "Percy Aaron" had been let out on the orders of Dr. Defman. (Which is the Oathbreaker code in this area for The Archangel) Seemed kind of odd but I was too busy at the moment to bother finding out more.

I visited the man in his room and found that he had "mysteriously" died. The puncture wound in his neck from a needle probably had nothing to do with it. So guess I won't be solving that mystery but this tells me one thing. This new mission with a supposedly normal target for once... Yeah apparently not happening. Again I'm part of some big conspiracy. Great.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Revenge is fun.

So I've been trying to find the bastard for a while now and I got lucky. I didn't find him but I found one of the thugs. I assume they were working with him so I approached the man. He took a second or two to recognize me then immediately tried to run. A broken knee made that slightly harder. He continued trying to crawl away and I let him get a few feet before breaking his arms. He stayed there then and after a few seconds he choked out what were barely recognizable as words. I believe he said: "What the hell Man?! We didn't break anything of yours. We just roughed you up a bit! You're fucking crazy!"

I'm really not sure how to respond to that so I just proceeded to ask for information. He told me quite a bit but nothing I didn't know. I didn't kill him. Not sure why not. Just sort of felt... wrong. There was something off about him though. I can't quite figure out what...

Sunday, 15 April 2012


I've been given the go ahead to kill. Finally. So now then all I have to do is find the guy and murder him. That shouldn't be too hard.

Except the apartment he lives in has apparently burned down and no one has any clue where he is...

For fucks sake why can't anything ever be easy?

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Fucking ow...

Ok... so I went into his apartment. I found something awesome. The guy has a secret goddamn elevator that goes through the apartments below him and into the sewers. That's how he was getting out. Well great I found that out.

And then two guys jumped me from behind and started beating me with baseball bats. Yeah no seriously. I turned to leave and got hit in the chest with a god damn baseball bat. Then two guys wearing masks started beating the fuck out of me. I woke up in the sewer by the elevator but could not open it back up. I trudged painfully through the sewers till I got to a ladder and managed to climb out. I then went to my apartment and rested. Apparently for quite some time. I woke up roughly an hour ago.

So... The fuck?

Friday, 13 April 2012

Taking Action

I know for a fact he's not in there right now. So I'm taking this chance to search for whatever he's using as an exit.

I'll tell you later today the results of my search.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Stake Out day 5

Ah... Ha ha... What the fuck?

Ok so watching every single exit now. No possible way he could of escaped without someone seeing him. So now the question is how the hell did he get behind me?

Watching the house I see him walking around inside then he stops again. I don't see him for hours. I wasn't worried though there was no way he could get out. Or so I thought. Then a radio suddenly turns on behind me. I turn and on the roof with me is a small battery radio set for an alarm and in large writings the words "You're horrible at this" chalked on to the roof.

How the fuck did he manage to do that without me noticing?

How the fuck did he get out?

Why am I still alive?

No seriously he was able to get behind me and write that out and set up a radio to alert me? Why the hell didn't he just kill me? Is he enjoying this?

You smug bastard I'll get you somehow.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Stake out Day 4

What the hell...

Ok so I got my two helpers to watch the other two exits. Guess what happens?

None of us see him leave and yet again he appears and goes inside without any of us seeing him leave. How the fuck is he doing this?

Wait the roof? Is there roof access? Oh god that's probably it!

I'm going to move to the roof so I can watch the front of the building and the roof.

I got you now.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Stake out day 3

He's playing with me.

I just watched him walk into the house 4 times without once seeing him come out in a span of 3 hours. He knows I'm watching he's deliberately showing me that he can come and go as he pleases.

Smug bastard. I know there's two other possible exits. The garage and the fire escape. He could be using either. Without the birds I can't watch more than one.

He also must have something planned. He wouldn't be secretive about where he was going if it wasn't important.

This is infuriating. I'm gonna see if I can ask one of the proxies to ask their master if he can assign two more people to this stakeout.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Stake out Day 2

Ah ha ha... Fuck...

So... Yeah he just now showed up and went inside. IE: He wasn't even there the whole time yesterday and last night! I was watching a god damn empty apartment! What the hell?!

Sigh... So where the hell was he? Good Question Sergei... Too bad we'll probably never find out.

Anyways so Stakeout begins properly now. Fuck

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Stakeout Day 1

So I'm waiting outside his house now. I'm trying my best to be inconspicuous. I'm not sure how observant he is but I assume it will be quite a bit more difficult to spy on him than a normal person. So yeah this stakeout is probably doomed already. I'd send a bird to watch him for me but the birds refuse to let me use them for this mission for some reason.

So I'm sitting by the window of an apartment opposite him. I haven't seen him so far today though. Not too surprising it's Sunday and Easter he's probably spending his day inside or something. Strange I haven't even seen him walk by a window though.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Back to our normal programming...

So looks like things are coming full circle. The Slender Man has sent me after a runner. This guy should be fun though.

He's a Russian immigrant like myself and apparently he's ex-military. Not just normal Military either. He was Spetsnaz or Russian Special Forces. Apparently he moved here very recently and has already gotten a job working for CSIS. Exact nature of his job with them unknown. This guy could be an actual challenge. I'm really looking forward to this.

Although I haven't forgotten my track record with runners. If this guy becomes some huge deal I am going to be severely pissed off.

Oh and since my house was destroyed I'm now staying in an apartment building a long with a number of proxies. They seem to harbor no ill will towards me despite the fact I slaughtered quite a few of them in the earlier war. Either they are so afraid of their master that they follow his every command without any thought to the contrary or they just really don't care about each other much.

Oh and yeah I kept the mask and the Scythe. The Scythe I'm leaving alone but I might actually replace my mask with this one. It's kind of cool.

Well that's all for today folks. 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

and the rest was silence.

She arrived. Just like I thought she would. I was standing in the middle of the area when she arrived and I was cleaning my sword for no reason other than to give the appearance of complete confidence bordering on apathy.

I had no real reason for this. It's just fun to annoy people.

She twirled her scythe a bit and then glared at me with her one good eye. There was a cap over the other eyehole. Guess I did more damage then I thought. I bet that played horrible havoc with her depth perception. Maybe I wouldn't even need my plan. Oh well might as well use it anyways.

G.Reaper: So the other one isn't coming I guess.

Me: Oh no he's definitely coming. He's probably already here watching. In fact he's probably just waiting to snipe whichever one of us wins.

She merely nodded.

G.Reaper: So you challenging m to a showdown? Pretty gutsy after I kicked your ass so thoroughly before. Obviously you have a plan but whatever it is it won't help you. You can't beat the reaper.

Me: I'm pretty sure I could actually. He's a skeleton they aren't known for being very effective at most things. They generally just lie there and dry out if exposed.

G.Reaper: Making jokes? That's generally a sign someone is terrified but trying to hide it. Visibly shaking and repeatedly stroking your weapon being other signs.

I made a conscious effort to stop my hand from moving up my blade again.

Me: Right then you ready to end this?

G.Reaper: This won't be the end. I'll still have to kill the other after.

I didn't respond this was taking too much time. I just pointed my sword at her and got in a fighting stance. She got low then ran towards me scraping the scythe tip along the ground as she ran. I waited.

Ten feet away

Six feet away

Three feet away

I reached back and pulled the gun out of my waistband bringing it around to aim at her face. Her eye widened in shock. I could see her mind racing. Simultaneously trying to dodge stop continue foreard slice me and path out of the way.

Of course her confusion and surprise wouldn't let her do any of these. Her mask collided with the barrel just as I fired. She fell backwards easily. She didn't fly back or drop she just sort of fell until she was lying on her back unmoving.

You're probably a little confused.

It became obvious rather quickly that she knew me. More intimately than she should have. I knew I didn't actually know her. I briefly considered she could be May but May's dead and the real world doesn't work like that. So I realized she must be reading my blog. So I slipped in that fake conversation with Harold. Yeah that never happened. I just wanted to make sure one hundred percent that she would not expect the gun. It seemed to of worked. Now then about Harold.

Harold is too honorable to really do something like snipe whoever wins a personal challenge. He was of course there waiting though. As soon as she dropped I took off her mask, I plan to keep it, and he was standing in front of me when I stood back up. He picked up the scythe and tossed it to me.

Harold: You're probably going to want to make sure no one else gets their hands on that.

I nodded. I took off my mask and a bird escaped and took the Scythe away. Then I placed my mask back on and turned my attention to Harold.

The Grinning Reaper had been a bit of an anti-climax but this... This would be a real fight. We both tensed. He had his guns out and aimed at me and I had my sword at the ready.

There was no way this wasn't going to be awesome.

Except at that exact second the war ended.

Yeah apparently the little servant fight was utterly pointless. Despite the proxies essentially being completely driven from the area and their servant leader dead they still won. See, my prediction was correct. Slendy managed to beat The Birds and The Girl. He appeared in the middle of the battle and immediately the birds told me it was over. I assume Harold got a similar message. We both immediately got the hell out of there.

So yeah the proxies got their territory back as well as mine and Harold's territory as I guess apologies for the whole mess. I guess I can consider myself lucky I wasn't offered instead. Also in good news apparently Slendy is generous. He's allowing me and Harold to continue operating in our respective areas but no other nests or dolls or puppets are allowed in the area and we now have to do his bidding as well.

Why is he being so generous? Who knows...

So I get to stay here and I now have to listen to commands from The Birds and Slendy. Not sure who I have to listen to if they give me conflicting commands.

It's all kind of confusing actually.
However I did get to kill The bitch which sort of makes up for the rest of it.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I have another plan.

So I'm fully recovered and first thing I did was walk into a warzone slaughter a bunch of people and leave a little message in blood.

"To the Grinning Bitch. Hi. This is The Faceless Bastard. I just noticed there's a bit of a connection between our names. I wonder if that was on purpose. I'll have to ask you before I kill you. I'll be waiting for you at (Not saying but the same place I faced Harold before. It seemed right you know?)tomorrow at 7:06 AM. Come get me. P.S. Bring lots of batteries. P.P.S. Harold if you read this you can come too. The more the merrier. Faceless Bastard o"

Yeah there was quite a bit of blood and I still couldn't finish the entire message... Good enough though. I'm now waiting here for either one to arrive. It's gonna end soon. No matter what this war is going to end here.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Done recovering and a little gift

So I'm done recovering. I've rejoined the war effort but haven't been able to do much. The bitch has been slaughtering our nests with her weapon and the puppets and proxies have been engaging each other heavily on all fronts.

So since I have nothing interesting to say I thought I'd inform you all of a conversation me and Harold had before this war started.

It involves our choice of weapon.

As I have stated he seems to enjoy projectiles and guns. I prefer a nice solid blade. Something about medium length like a machete or short sword. My reason is this. I'm relatively invincible. I enjoy nothing more than being up close and personal as I watch my opponents life slip away. As such I hate long ranged weapons especially firearms. I don't disrespect those who use them but I will never under any circumstance use them myself. Even if my life depended on it I would never stoop to using a gun. There's no fun in shooting your enemy from far away. Not to mention unless you're a lousy shot it's far too quick.

Now Harold would argue that the kill and personal safety is far more important than fun but he's kind of a killjoy so we're going to ignore everything he says.

That's all er... except for this.

In honor of what day this is...

Recovery time


Wait... Ok just a second...

No I don't know why I wrote that.

I took some pain medicine.

I don't know if it will or did actually do anything but apparently acting a little off on pain meds is compulsory no matter what you are.

So I've been recovering from my injuries and meanwhile that crazy bitch has been quickly turning the war against us. The proxies have pretty much completely retaken their place and have even moved in on our areas and The Girls. Harold is probably recovering as well.

I have never hated anyone as much as I hate this bitch. I don't even really know why I hate her so much. Sure she's arrogant and annoying and she has a weapon designed to kill me with the maximum amount of pain possible. Sure she ruined what was going to be an awesome fight to the death between equals but she's really no worse than er... The other Harold was... and she definitely didn't hurt me as much as that bastard The Liar did... So why do I hate this bitch so much. It's because when I looked at her I saw May again. The same way I do every time I see any female proxie now.

Portnoy... May... You two really did a number on me. Yet I could never hate May and despite everything being his fault I actually don't hate Portnoy either.

Course that's also his fault.