Sunday, 29 April 2012

Brink of Disaster

So we've been killing Dying Men for about a day now and their numbers are still increasing. A couple of proxies have joined the fight and still they're increasing. Turns out headshots don't kill them. Or at least the bodies continue moving. Which considering they are also still capable of infecting means we still have no viable way to destroy these things. Their numbers keep moving up and we have only managed to kill what 2 of them? Harold says yes we killed two. Both of which were killed via incredibly difficult and impractical means. IE: We shot them until they couldn't get back up and then slowly dissolved them in acid. I doubt this will be effective on what is it about 100 or so. Harold says 200. Great.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes Fire is a plan but we're trying to avoid it's use due to the danger it poses to us as well. Especially since they'll undoubtedly remain standing and burning for quite some time before dying.

    2. Have you tried acquiring a nuke?