Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Confused reactions.

So I figured out what was wrong with that guy. He didn't bleed. Like at all. I broke bones and I'm almost entirely sure that I split skin quite a few times but he didn't bleed. In fact aside from the verbal responses he didn't react to his pain much either. Starting to think he wasn't human. I checked the local hospitals and found him. (Most of the hospitals in this area are run by Oathbreakers so patient confidentiality isn't exactly a problem) I went to visit him. Interestingly enough the day I went to visit someone else by the name of "Percy Aaron" had been let out on the orders of Dr. Defman. (Which is the Oathbreaker code in this area for The Archangel) Seemed kind of odd but I was too busy at the moment to bother finding out more.

I visited the man in his room and found that he had "mysteriously" died. The puncture wound in his neck from a needle probably had nothing to do with it. So guess I won't be solving that mystery but this tells me one thing. This new mission with a supposedly normal target for once... Yeah apparently not happening. Again I'm part of some big conspiracy. Great.

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