Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I have another plan.

So I'm fully recovered and first thing I did was walk into a warzone slaughter a bunch of people and leave a little message in blood.

"To the Grinning Bitch. Hi. This is The Faceless Bastard. I just noticed there's a bit of a connection between our names. I wonder if that was on purpose. I'll have to ask you before I kill you. I'll be waiting for you at (Not saying but the same place I faced Harold before. It seemed right you know?)tomorrow at 7:06 AM. Come get me. P.S. Bring lots of batteries. P.P.S. Harold if you read this you can come too. The more the merrier. Faceless Bastard o"

Yeah there was quite a bit of blood and I still couldn't finish the entire message... Good enough though. I'm now waiting here for either one to arrive. It's gonna end soon. No matter what this war is going to end here.

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