Sunday, 1 April 2012

Done recovering and a little gift

So I'm done recovering. I've rejoined the war effort but haven't been able to do much. The bitch has been slaughtering our nests with her weapon and the puppets and proxies have been engaging each other heavily on all fronts.

So since I have nothing interesting to say I thought I'd inform you all of a conversation me and Harold had before this war started.

It involves our choice of weapon.

As I have stated he seems to enjoy projectiles and guns. I prefer a nice solid blade. Something about medium length like a machete or short sword. My reason is this. I'm relatively invincible. I enjoy nothing more than being up close and personal as I watch my opponents life slip away. As such I hate long ranged weapons especially firearms. I don't disrespect those who use them but I will never under any circumstance use them myself. Even if my life depended on it I would never stoop to using a gun. There's no fun in shooting your enemy from far away. Not to mention unless you're a lousy shot it's far too quick.

Now Harold would argue that the kill and personal safety is far more important than fun but he's kind of a killjoy so we're going to ignore everything he says.

That's all er... except for this.

In honor of what day this is...

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