Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I hate Road Trips.

Especially when a certain Slender Agent who shares a name with a month of the year refuses to acknowledge the fact she cannot sing and continues to belch out bar after bar of 99 bottles of beer on the wall. I'd stab her but she's apparently essential to our quest or something. 

Anyways yeah we're heading to The Archangel's territory now. Why are we in a car and not just traveling through our various transportation methods? Because The archangel is a dick and refuses to allow us to fast travel into his territory. So Harold commandeered us a car and we're traveling like average humans. With May assaulting our ears with her shrill and screechy rendition of an already irritating travel song.

I long for death.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Introductions and briefing.

Ok so The doll guy is named Harold (Yeah... Apparently Fate wants me to know just how much it loves messing with me), The Agent is a girl. She told us her name is May but she wants us to call her Dalia. If she doesn't want us to use her real name why would she tell us it? Whatever and last The Newborn guy just gave us the name TB994 so I'm going to call him tuberculosis because I'm a bastard like that. Only to his face though. It's far too much effort to write that out every time I mention him here. Of course I'm going to call "Dalia" by her real name as well. Harold... I'm just going to avoid him for obvious reasons.

So anyways we have a bit more info on the threat. One it is currently female. Yes they said currently. Implying it can change genders or it uses hosts like The Dying Man or something. Also it was last spotted in Archangel territory. Apparently we're exempt from territory boundaries and The Fears and their servants will leave us alone. It's good to know we won't have to worry about being attacked by our own side for once. Anyways apparently we're leaving immediately to The Last known sighting of this threat.

Monday, 27 February 2012

I can't win.

Alright so I can't tell you everything about the meeting since a lot of it had to do with sensitive issues such as where certain high profile servants were stationed and their activities stuff like that. However I can tell you the main point of the meeting. Apparently there's a threat. Something that is undermining the power of servants of all kinds throughout this area. We know very little about it. The fears are pooling together a task force of servants to eliminate the threat. Guess who got drafted to be part of this task force? That's right. Yours truly! Fuck you life.

Anyways so yeah. The task force consists of a Slender agent, A willing doll (Sadly not Jester. That would have been awesome), myself and some kind of servant I've never heard of before. Apparently he's a newborn servant. Who knew it had servants?

So anyways this is going to suck...


So The birds had a new mission for me. Another runner. Initially I was all for it then I got to thinking. I haven't exactly had good luck with this so far. So I respectfully asked if someone else could take out the runner and if I could be given a job less likely to turn into a large conspiracy. Strangely enough they agreed. Now instead I have the job of representing The Birds and Nests at a meeting. I haven't been told what the meetings about but as long as there are other servants there. I mean if my normal trouble magnet behaviour causes any trouble I can always try and get another servant to do whatever is required. So yeah assuming nothing goes wrong and the meeting isn't something confidential I'll post what happens later. Bye for now.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Broken Band

I'm sitting here at home. It's been a hectic few days...

Right now I'm sitting here and thinking to myself. Why didn't I kill him?

I know the answer though. I've always known I just needed to be reminded.

When he made me human I was too busy to notice it. But now that I'm back I realize what I had then that I don't have anymore. When I was human everything was clearer and though I didn't realize it at the time I could feel things I couldn't before... Well not before after... Before he turned me human but after The Convocation turned me into a Nest... Whatever.

I'm losing track here... For that short time I was human again I could feel compassion and empathy. I could remember how I used to feel about my wife. The love I felt when I was with her the rage and despair when she left me... I could remember the pride I felt when I first saw my son and the happiness he gave me through the years I knew him. Last of all for the first time I could feel guilt about killing them...

I found my wife's wedding ring today. It had somehow ended up under the fridge when I killed her. It's cracked and the band has broken so that it forms an incomplete circle. I'm not human anymore I'm a nest again. I don't feel the way I did then. Still I'm going to keep it with me now...

To those of you reading this don't think I've gone soft or changed or anything. I still love being a Nest, I still believe nothing can beat the thrill of ending some poor bastard or bitch's life and if given the choice to kill my wife and child again I'd do it in a heartbeat. I am still The Faceless Bastard and you're all still just victims to me.

Goodnight sleep tight and pray the Birdies don't bite.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Lies of Epic proportions.

Screw formalities today just going to jump into the story.

Portnoy summoned a door for me and I executed my plan. It was rather simple. I sparta kicked the little punk through the door before following through myself. See I realized Portnoy's powers seemed very specifically extended to The City so I figured if I tricked him out of the City he'd be powerless. This plan worked. Sort of. It had an unforeseen side effect. Mostly the side effect being the end of all things. See bringing Portnoy out of The City had the adverse effect of bringing The City out of The City as well. Portnoy managed to explain this to me via garbled screams through the horrible pain that set on me the moment I stepped out of the city. Oh yes that horrible pain. Turns out there was an important factor to what Portnoy did to me in The City. He didn't actually fix me he just reversed time on my body to before the fire. Now that we were out of the city and he was powerless the effect was fixing itself rapidly. You ever experience the pain of burning, skin grafts, being hollowed out by The convocation, Cutting off your own face and every injury I sustained in my time as The Faceless bastard all at once? No? Well it's pretty damn painful. So I was kind of out of it for what happened next but I could sense all of the events as they happened. So sorry if my memory of the events seem more based on elicited emotions than actual visual concepts.

While I lay there in horrid pain, my body rearranging itself back into what it was before, the door to the city started to implode. No... turn inside out more like. Like if you take a balloon and turn it inside out and then begin blowing it up except nothing like that. The essence of the city was filtering out through the door extending into our world. A great feeling of emptiness settled around me and Portnoy and I could feel Portnoy's anger and fear. Then I felt a silence. Stretching out into the distance and smothering me. The silence was the desperate feeling of determination. Both sides were fighting Portnoy was trying to force The City back with sheer willpower and The City was trying to increase it's connection to Portnoy to override his will. This turned out to be The City's mistake. See when you consider the world in more than just a physical sense a connection becomes something tangible. Something capable of being severed. As the connection strengthened it became a tangible thing. A small wire like cord between the heart of The city and Portnoy. In a second portnoy grabbed my sword and severed the wire. There was a crushing feeling and I felt like my bones were being ground into powder. The city's rage and the tension released from the wire connection caused an explosion of energy. Then everything was silent for a while. The pain slowly settled down and I stood. The Door was gone. The City was back in The City. Portnoy was lying on the ground. I would have thought he was dead except he was breathing. He was comatose or something. It occurred to me that he had sacrificed his powers to destroy the connection. He was just a normal kid now and unable to move. I could have killed him easily. I didn't. I left him there. He was probably found eventually and hospitalized. I don't know or care what happened afterwards.

So why didn't I kill him? Well partly because I had no reason to. He wasn't a threat to me or the city anymore. Another reason was The City had manipulated me and tried to kill me. I wasn't happy about that and leaving Portnoy alive would piss it off. There may have been a third reason but I'm not willing to acknowledge it quite yet.

Oh and when my body went back pre-Portnoy the birds returned as well. I am a Nest again and the birds seem to act as though they were never gone so all that's left to say is...

I'm back baby.

Faceless out.

Friday, 24 February 2012

I cannot understand this death of the mind...

Ok how do I describe this thing... Um? Well I guess I'll start by describing the fear. I'm not one for being afraid of things but the moment this thing appeared I was terrified. Death the end of all living things was standing before me and in the face of Death even I trembled. Of course this was not the literal Death. I'm pretty sure for all intents and purposes that's The Dying Man. This was just a creature that embodied destruction, despair and hopelessness to such a degree that calling him anything other than death does not do it justice.

This was a creature that did not come from a universe with a kind and loving god. I could feel in the walls around me that The City itself was reluctant to call forth this beast and had done so only as it's absolute last resort against us.

Hmm to describe it itself. Well any words said in a language understandable to humans would fall flat in describing this creature but I'll do my best.

Picture The Rake. Now make him have pitch black skin that abruptly changes mass and state of matter at whim. Plus large angelic wings made out of strings of ink and flesh. The face with the sharpest teeth imaginable attached to crushing mandibles like that of a giant carniverous insect. It's face where eyes would be a bloody slash. Instead eyes that stare into your soul float in the darkness that enshrouds it. It's legs are like that of a giant spider but ending in blood red claws that sizzle against the ground like acid with every step. One arm a sickly green colour with smoke that smells of Decay wafting off the skin and the other arm a constantly shifting tentacular mass like those of The Slenderman.

This description does not begin to capture the terror of the creature that faced us.

The boy god beside me was quivering with fear at this monstrosity.

Then it roared. The sound that ushered forth was existence and destruction captured in the form of a single cry and I fell to my knees unable to stand.

Portnoy recovered quickly and the ceiling collapsed on the creature. The creature merely lifted it's sickly green arm and the ceiling was devoured by disease and the ravages of time leaving a hole into the void of uncreation.

I am not at all ashamed to say I did not rush forth into battle. I stayed cowed and terrified before the creature for the vast majority of the fight. The fight consisting mostly of Portnoy throwing all he had at the creature and the creature crushing it with ease and mindless brutality. The girl was frozen in terror as she regarded the creature and I acted to remind her of the importance of her deed. She was startled and with a broken air returned to her duties activating the machine.

When I turned my attention back to the creature it was towering over me it's front legs lifted high about to crash down on me.

I will say this now. Despite every negative thing fear is it is also one hell of a motivator. I rose immediately to my feet and sidestepped the falling claws guiding them to the sides of me with my machete. The corrosive scent in the air stung my nose and my clothing and machete were melting slowly due to the acidity. I was now beneath the creature. I drove my machete up into it's stomach and the creature roared again. The sound broke something inside of me and I fell back. I was dazed and could only blurry see what sprang forth from the cut I made in the monstrosity. It was a blackish, whitish, greyish. rainbowish, colourless, gaseous liquid. As it touched the ground it began to spread and again the motivational powers of fear are astounding. I immediately scrambled back to my feet and ran from the mass. The ground was... Not dissolving... Simply ceasing to be wherever the mass touched. The creature was not focused on me anymore. Portnoy had scored a hit on the creature as well and it was now fully focused on him again. I watched the tentacle arm lash out and wrap around Portnoy constricting him. I yelled out to him to give me another blade as I rushed over and he gladly obliged. With the sword he created I slashed through the tentacle freeing Portnoy. Luckily the tentacle did not bleed out the same anti-existence the rest of his body did.

The fight was still not going well though. In the next few minutes we damaged him many more times but nothing seemed to actually do anything more than give us a limited respite and release more of that anti-existence stuff. Luckily at this point the machine activated. Immediately the city seemed to shift and all the signs of the battle, the creature and the anti-existence disappeared.

I'm writing this in the short time we have. In moments Portnoy will open a door for me and then my plan will be put into action. The City made it much harder than it needed to be... I will continue seeing that creature in my nightmares for years to come.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Something awesome this way comes...

That was awesome! Ok so we started the machine and immediately the entire City began to shake and move. Then these strange spider thingies started growing out of the floors walls and ceilings and attacked us. Despite seemingly being made out of metal and stone and earth and stuff they still bled. I slaughtered a few and Portnoy crushed the rest by temporarily compacting the entire place into a single mass or something. Not sure how he managed to not kill us or destroy the machine though. After that stuff started coming in waves. There were more spiders some giant golem like things and a horde of strange mutated humanoid creatures. We took care of those. I personally did most of the fighting while Portnoy had my back. Finally These people showed up they were all dead but they looked strangely familiar I think one of them was an undead version of the girl who created the machine. Portnoy seemed to be reluctant to hurt them so I took them out without his help. It wasn't too hard. After that it seemed like it's over but apparently not. Portnoy says there was a massive surge of power from The City during the fighting. It brought something into the city. Something powerful.

I can't wait.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Let's do the time warp again?

Sorry I wasn't able to update recently things have been hectic. There have been all sorts of strange time shenanigans and stuff. Oh and we're now in open war with The City. Let me explain.

Ok after the events in The Library we were somehow transported to a weird desert place where we met believe it or not The Archangel who apparently is close friends with P.A. yeah I wasn't aware The Archangel made friends either. P.A. just said The Archangel who he calls The Gravedigger found him amusing but anyways it's not important. P.A. and The Archangel made some kind of deal and now we're apparently in some kind of metallic room some amount of time in the past. Here we met some girl and I'm not going to say anymore about that because it's kind of messed up. Now apparently she built some kind of machine that can disrupt The Cities control temporarily so we're planning to use that to let P.A open the door. The problem is that The City is aware of this and the moment we try to activate it The City will do whatever it can to stop us. so yeah we're about to start it up... Should be fun. It's been a while since I got to kill anything.

Monday, 20 February 2012

What's your last memory?

We're in a library. It's very weird. I think it might be The Blind Man's library. It certainly isn't any normal library. All the books are written by Beth Lamnnid... Oh I get it. Pretty clever. He says we need to wait for closing time. That's just great. I'm sure that's nowhere near as ominous as it sounds... Oh wow that was pretty loud. Wait a minute a thought occurs. If this is The Blind Man's Library we're not in The Empty City so how did we get here? Is the Library and by extension the catacombs part of The Empty City? That... Actually makes some sense... I'm sure there are other explanations though. Closing time is in 5 minutes... Ok P.A. whatever you're planning better work.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

He has a plan.

Apparently he knows a place. There's a way to block out The City's control there. Unfortunately The City is pretty smart and it's going to do whatever it can to stop us from getting there. Well looks like cooperation is the name of the game today. It's too bad I hate cooperation almost as much as I hate the game.

Friday, 17 February 2012

So that's how we're going to play it huh?

It seems The Empty City doesn't trust me. It won't let me out until I kill him. It doesn't trust me not to just leave without killing him if it gives me an exit. So looks like I'll have to help him overpower it in order to do as it asked. That's kind of counter intuitive.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

I have a plan.

I have a plan. Hear me city I have a plan. It's crazy but it should work. Might even fulfill both our needs more satisfactorily than you hoped. I need you to let him open the door.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


My friend has a strange fondness well that's probably the wrong word more like fascination for a certain song. Sounds like something The Cold Boy would sing. The first time he did it I pointed it out to him and he became all sullen and angry and didn't talk for the remainder of the day. Oh speaking of which The City is blocking him from opening doors now. Every time he opens one it closes instantly. So now we're journeying for some reason I don't know where he's bringing me.

Lies and Betrayal

I left the room and P.A. was awaiting me. I asked him about his history he said it wasn't important. I told him a bit about the conversation with Brian excluding the last bit and he told me. This confirms it. He's the experiment. I was brought into The Empty City to deal with him. Great. How am I supposed to do this. I can't just kill him. He seems to be able to know where I am at all times. If I make a single threatening motion towards him he'll notice. Think Faceless think...

Monday, 13 February 2012

The Set-Up

I caught Brian. He went through a door and I followed him. We were in a dead end and he saw me and looked scared and confused. He tried to open a door in the wall but nothing happened. Then he turned to me and dropped to his knees. "Please don't kill me I just did what it ordered me to do!" He begged. I asked him who he meant and he motioned to the walls surrounding him. "The City. I ended up in here by accident and it told me that normally it would kill me but it would let me live if I did something for it."

Me: It had you kill Diana?

Brian: Who?

Me: The nest?

Brian: What?

Me: The woman you somehow managed to incinerate in the middle of a city street without anyone noticing.

Brian: Oh yes! The City told me to. It also told me how to. I approached her and then I just had to knock her into the door that it made. She was sent to some kind of furnace. The City said it was important it was done like this. Something about how it wouldn't give the birds time to react or figure out what was happening.

Me: Why?

Brian: It said it needed The Birds to send someone after me so I could lure them in here.

Me: Why did it want you to lure a nest in here?

Brian: It needed someone to handle a problem.

Me: What problem?

Brian: Some experiment that got out of control or something.

Me: Anything else?

Brian: I don't know anymore.

Me: You realize The City intended me to kill you?

Brian: But you won't?

Me: I never said that.

So Brian is dead. I stabbed him in the chest and then sliced up through his lower jaw. I left him to bleed out. The city wants me to handle an experiment. I have a sinking feeling I know what it's talking about.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Trial Separation.

I got Separated from my new "friend".  I'm not sure where I am now but I found Brian and I'm on his trail again. Even if said trail is constantly shifting.

Oh and how do you get separated from a god? Well apparently it's as easy as having the city open a door under my feet while he wasn't looking.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Humanity sucks.

Ok guys interesting news. You're going to love this! The birds... They're gone. Completely gone. Oh and my eyesight is back. Worst of all. I HAVE A FACE! Ok this is what happened. We found Brian. I attacked him and he got me with a knife knocked my mask off then a door appeared and he ran away. So my mask is off and now P.A. sees my face. Well lack of a face and the birds. I have never felt so afraid as when I saw how he was looking at me. I thought he was going to kill me but no. He walks over and SHOVES HIS HAND INTO MY FACE! Pain runs through my body and I cried out and then he withdrew and I felt different. I could see through my own eyes. I couldn't hear the birds anymore. Basically the freak turned me into a normal human like all of you losers. As soon as I get out of here I'm getting myself renested. Not gonna tell him that. Gonna pretend I'm all thankful and stuff.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Interesting new friend.

So turns out my new friend here, He told me to call him P.A. is a little um... Awesome, Godly, Incredible Strange. It seems he is capable of manipulating The Empty City. Shortly after we met he summoned an exit for me. I told him that I couldn't leave yet I needed to find Brian. He responded by saying he would protect me until I do. He also seems to really hate The Empty city and in fact all the fears. He doesn't seem to notice I'm a Servant. I'll probably refrain from informing him. This just got much more interesting.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

about to real. get Shit is

I'm on vacation in an incredibly exclusive City. See I got a tip that Brian might be here somewhere still. Instead I found someone entirely different. Looks like he's been here a while. He doesn't seem to be a servant. I'd normally kill him but he intrigues me. Will continue search for Brian but I definitely need to be careful. I don't think this place is on my side anymore.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Well fuck you too causality!

So I followed Brian into an alley and I figured this would be it. I'd murderize the bastard and be on to my next assignment. Obviously it didn't go like that. Brian puts his hand on the wall and a Door appears. Yeah... A Door as in To The Empty City. The bastard summoned a Door! He opened it and walked through and then it disappeared instantly. Do I just attract crazy events or something?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Back to normality.

So that Harold thing was crazy right? Well it's over now and things are back to normal. Or at least as normal as things get when you have birds living inside your body. So I have a new mission. Seems some Runner by the name of Brian Altess. Apparently he killed a nest recently. So I'm being sent to kill him. Not much else to say except we're not actually sure how he killed her. Oh well the chances of another Harold are what 1 in a million? Yeah something like that.

Monday, 6 February 2012

The Faceless Bastard is Dead.

This is Harold. I hacked into Faceless' blog to tell you guys that I fucking killed his ass and- Ha ha just kidding guys it's me Faceless. Sorry it's been so long. I'm sure all of you out there were so worried about me. So I'll just tell you where I've been before I tell you what happened.

Well after settling things with Harold I went back to the camper to see if they found out how he had gained these powers. Turns out the fear he somehow gained the power of used to have some kind of cult in this area and Harold found it's old meeting area. There was some kind of residual energy trapped there ever since and he managed to somehow absorb it. So I went there and made sure the place was completely destroyed so no one could do it again.

Now onto why you're here. You want to know what happened with Harold. Well Harold was waiting for me at a park. When I arrived he started in on a monologue about how he was going to avenge his family and blah blah blah. I threw a knife at him too shut him up. He turned into gas and attacked me. I noticed he kept turning back solid when he actually wanted to touch me and realized the gas form was incapable of causing harm. That was a disadvantage I could probably use. I kept swinging the machete at him to force him to stay in gas form. Now for the plan I had concocted I just needed to release the birds.

I reached up to my mask and immediately I noticed a new flaw in my plan. It was rather obvious in hindsight. See, there had been a reason my other mask was so loose. It allowed me to easily release the birds. This new mask was tight and refused to slide off. I would need to unstrap it first and I couldn't do that while warding off Harold's attacks. It was rather intelligent strategy on his part. As I fumbled with the straps I began to run from him but he stayed on me. I am ashamed to admit that I took over seven minutes to realize the obvious. I didn't need to remove the mask to release the birds. I dodged out of the way of Harold's reaching hand brought the machete to my throat and slid it across. I'm not going to lie. It hurt like a motherfucker but, it worked. The birds flew out and swarmed Harold. As expected Harold turned into his gas form to evade them and they did exactly as we had planned. They took a big breath. Harold was absorbed into their systems. Then they flew up into the air and brought down the lightning. They blasted themselves with lightning until every trace of Harold was gone.

That my friends is how you kill a smoke monster. Take that you Lost idiots.

So anyways I won and I'm back. You may scream now.