Sunday, 26 February 2012

Broken Band

I'm sitting here at home. It's been a hectic few days...

Right now I'm sitting here and thinking to myself. Why didn't I kill him?

I know the answer though. I've always known I just needed to be reminded.

When he made me human I was too busy to notice it. But now that I'm back I realize what I had then that I don't have anymore. When I was human everything was clearer and though I didn't realize it at the time I could feel things I couldn't before... Well not before after... Before he turned me human but after The Convocation turned me into a Nest... Whatever.

I'm losing track here... For that short time I was human again I could feel compassion and empathy. I could remember how I used to feel about my wife. The love I felt when I was with her the rage and despair when she left me... I could remember the pride I felt when I first saw my son and the happiness he gave me through the years I knew him. Last of all for the first time I could feel guilt about killing them...

I found my wife's wedding ring today. It had somehow ended up under the fridge when I killed her. It's cracked and the band has broken so that it forms an incomplete circle. I'm not human anymore I'm a nest again. I don't feel the way I did then. Still I'm going to keep it with me now...

To those of you reading this don't think I've gone soft or changed or anything. I still love being a Nest, I still believe nothing can beat the thrill of ending some poor bastard or bitch's life and if given the choice to kill my wife and child again I'd do it in a heartbeat. I am still The Faceless Bastard and you're all still just victims to me.

Goodnight sleep tight and pray the Birdies don't bite.


  1. Aw, you sensitive person you.

    We should get married.

  2. do still feel, at least.