Monday, 20 February 2012

What's your last memory?

We're in a library. It's very weird. I think it might be The Blind Man's library. It certainly isn't any normal library. All the books are written by Beth Lamnnid... Oh I get it. Pretty clever. He says we need to wait for closing time. That's just great. I'm sure that's nowhere near as ominous as it sounds... Oh wow that was pretty loud. Wait a minute a thought occurs. If this is The Blind Man's Library we're not in The Empty City so how did we get here? Is the Library and by extension the catacombs part of The Empty City? That... Actually makes some sense... I'm sure there are other explanations though. Closing time is in 5 minutes... Ok P.A. whatever you're planning better work.


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  2. Have you seen the Blind Man yet?

  3. Nope and I'd prefer not to.

    Wait aren't you dead? Where are you?