Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Introductions and briefing.

Ok so The doll guy is named Harold (Yeah... Apparently Fate wants me to know just how much it loves messing with me), The Agent is a girl. She told us her name is May but she wants us to call her Dalia. If she doesn't want us to use her real name why would she tell us it? Whatever and last The Newborn guy just gave us the name TB994 so I'm going to call him tuberculosis because I'm a bastard like that. Only to his face though. It's far too much effort to write that out every time I mention him here. Of course I'm going to call "Dalia" by her real name as well. Harold... I'm just going to avoid him for obvious reasons.

So anyways we have a bit more info on the threat. One it is currently female. Yes they said currently. Implying it can change genders or it uses hosts like The Dying Man or something. Also it was last spotted in Archangel territory. Apparently we're exempt from territory boundaries and The Fears and their servants will leave us alone. It's good to know we won't have to worry about being attacked by our own side for once. Anyways apparently we're leaving immediately to The Last known sighting of this threat.

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  1. You're having to literally go into enemy territory. if you don't wind up dead, I'll be surprised.