Friday, 24 February 2012

I cannot understand this death of the mind...

Ok how do I describe this thing... Um? Well I guess I'll start by describing the fear. I'm not one for being afraid of things but the moment this thing appeared I was terrified. Death the end of all living things was standing before me and in the face of Death even I trembled. Of course this was not the literal Death. I'm pretty sure for all intents and purposes that's The Dying Man. This was just a creature that embodied destruction, despair and hopelessness to such a degree that calling him anything other than death does not do it justice.

This was a creature that did not come from a universe with a kind and loving god. I could feel in the walls around me that The City itself was reluctant to call forth this beast and had done so only as it's absolute last resort against us.

Hmm to describe it itself. Well any words said in a language understandable to humans would fall flat in describing this creature but I'll do my best.

Picture The Rake. Now make him have pitch black skin that abruptly changes mass and state of matter at whim. Plus large angelic wings made out of strings of ink and flesh. The face with the sharpest teeth imaginable attached to crushing mandibles like that of a giant carniverous insect. It's face where eyes would be a bloody slash. Instead eyes that stare into your soul float in the darkness that enshrouds it. It's legs are like that of a giant spider but ending in blood red claws that sizzle against the ground like acid with every step. One arm a sickly green colour with smoke that smells of Decay wafting off the skin and the other arm a constantly shifting tentacular mass like those of The Slenderman.

This description does not begin to capture the terror of the creature that faced us.

The boy god beside me was quivering with fear at this monstrosity.

Then it roared. The sound that ushered forth was existence and destruction captured in the form of a single cry and I fell to my knees unable to stand.

Portnoy recovered quickly and the ceiling collapsed on the creature. The creature merely lifted it's sickly green arm and the ceiling was devoured by disease and the ravages of time leaving a hole into the void of uncreation.

I am not at all ashamed to say I did not rush forth into battle. I stayed cowed and terrified before the creature for the vast majority of the fight. The fight consisting mostly of Portnoy throwing all he had at the creature and the creature crushing it with ease and mindless brutality. The girl was frozen in terror as she regarded the creature and I acted to remind her of the importance of her deed. She was startled and with a broken air returned to her duties activating the machine.

When I turned my attention back to the creature it was towering over me it's front legs lifted high about to crash down on me.

I will say this now. Despite every negative thing fear is it is also one hell of a motivator. I rose immediately to my feet and sidestepped the falling claws guiding them to the sides of me with my machete. The corrosive scent in the air stung my nose and my clothing and machete were melting slowly due to the acidity. I was now beneath the creature. I drove my machete up into it's stomach and the creature roared again. The sound broke something inside of me and I fell back. I was dazed and could only blurry see what sprang forth from the cut I made in the monstrosity. It was a blackish, whitish, greyish. rainbowish, colourless, gaseous liquid. As it touched the ground it began to spread and again the motivational powers of fear are astounding. I immediately scrambled back to my feet and ran from the mass. The ground was... Not dissolving... Simply ceasing to be wherever the mass touched. The creature was not focused on me anymore. Portnoy had scored a hit on the creature as well and it was now fully focused on him again. I watched the tentacle arm lash out and wrap around Portnoy constricting him. I yelled out to him to give me another blade as I rushed over and he gladly obliged. With the sword he created I slashed through the tentacle freeing Portnoy. Luckily the tentacle did not bleed out the same anti-existence the rest of his body did.

The fight was still not going well though. In the next few minutes we damaged him many more times but nothing seemed to actually do anything more than give us a limited respite and release more of that anti-existence stuff. Luckily at this point the machine activated. Immediately the city seemed to shift and all the signs of the battle, the creature and the anti-existence disappeared.

I'm writing this in the short time we have. In moments Portnoy will open a door for me and then my plan will be put into action. The City made it much harder than it needed to be... I will continue seeing that creature in my nightmares for years to come.

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  1. Whats happened to the city?

    And are you sure that the convoction will even want you back now that you've done whats required?