Saturday, 25 February 2012

Lies of Epic proportions.

Screw formalities today just going to jump into the story.

Portnoy summoned a door for me and I executed my plan. It was rather simple. I sparta kicked the little punk through the door before following through myself. See I realized Portnoy's powers seemed very specifically extended to The City so I figured if I tricked him out of the City he'd be powerless. This plan worked. Sort of. It had an unforeseen side effect. Mostly the side effect being the end of all things. See bringing Portnoy out of The City had the adverse effect of bringing The City out of The City as well. Portnoy managed to explain this to me via garbled screams through the horrible pain that set on me the moment I stepped out of the city. Oh yes that horrible pain. Turns out there was an important factor to what Portnoy did to me in The City. He didn't actually fix me he just reversed time on my body to before the fire. Now that we were out of the city and he was powerless the effect was fixing itself rapidly. You ever experience the pain of burning, skin grafts, being hollowed out by The convocation, Cutting off your own face and every injury I sustained in my time as The Faceless bastard all at once? No? Well it's pretty damn painful. So I was kind of out of it for what happened next but I could sense all of the events as they happened. So sorry if my memory of the events seem more based on elicited emotions than actual visual concepts.

While I lay there in horrid pain, my body rearranging itself back into what it was before, the door to the city started to implode. No... turn inside out more like. Like if you take a balloon and turn it inside out and then begin blowing it up except nothing like that. The essence of the city was filtering out through the door extending into our world. A great feeling of emptiness settled around me and Portnoy and I could feel Portnoy's anger and fear. Then I felt a silence. Stretching out into the distance and smothering me. The silence was the desperate feeling of determination. Both sides were fighting Portnoy was trying to force The City back with sheer willpower and The City was trying to increase it's connection to Portnoy to override his will. This turned out to be The City's mistake. See when you consider the world in more than just a physical sense a connection becomes something tangible. Something capable of being severed. As the connection strengthened it became a tangible thing. A small wire like cord between the heart of The city and Portnoy. In a second portnoy grabbed my sword and severed the wire. There was a crushing feeling and I felt like my bones were being ground into powder. The city's rage and the tension released from the wire connection caused an explosion of energy. Then everything was silent for a while. The pain slowly settled down and I stood. The Door was gone. The City was back in The City. Portnoy was lying on the ground. I would have thought he was dead except he was breathing. He was comatose or something. It occurred to me that he had sacrificed his powers to destroy the connection. He was just a normal kid now and unable to move. I could have killed him easily. I didn't. I left him there. He was probably found eventually and hospitalized. I don't know or care what happened afterwards.

So why didn't I kill him? Well partly because I had no reason to. He wasn't a threat to me or the city anymore. Another reason was The City had manipulated me and tried to kill me. I wasn't happy about that and leaving Portnoy alive would piss it off. There may have been a third reason but I'm not willing to acknowledge it quite yet.

Oh and when my body went back pre-Portnoy the birds returned as well. I am a Nest again and the birds seem to act as though they were never gone so all that's left to say is...

I'm back baby.

Faceless out.


  1. And now we can form team 'Blue Faceless'!

  2. Oooooh, look, a Faceless Bastard is back! Fun fun. More plot to come, I hope.