Monday, 13 February 2012

The Set-Up

I caught Brian. He went through a door and I followed him. We were in a dead end and he saw me and looked scared and confused. He tried to open a door in the wall but nothing happened. Then he turned to me and dropped to his knees. "Please don't kill me I just did what it ordered me to do!" He begged. I asked him who he meant and he motioned to the walls surrounding him. "The City. I ended up in here by accident and it told me that normally it would kill me but it would let me live if I did something for it."

Me: It had you kill Diana?

Brian: Who?

Me: The nest?

Brian: What?

Me: The woman you somehow managed to incinerate in the middle of a city street without anyone noticing.

Brian: Oh yes! The City told me to. It also told me how to. I approached her and then I just had to knock her into the door that it made. She was sent to some kind of furnace. The City said it was important it was done like this. Something about how it wouldn't give the birds time to react or figure out what was happening.

Me: Why?

Brian: It said it needed The Birds to send someone after me so I could lure them in here.

Me: Why did it want you to lure a nest in here?

Brian: It needed someone to handle a problem.

Me: What problem?

Brian: Some experiment that got out of control or something.

Me: Anything else?

Brian: I don't know anymore.

Me: You realize The City intended me to kill you?

Brian: But you won't?

Me: I never said that.

So Brian is dead. I stabbed him in the chest and then sliced up through his lower jaw. I left him to bleed out. The city wants me to handle an experiment. I have a sinking feeling I know what it's talking about.


  1. You left him to bleed out? Never, ever leave a body until you're sure it's dead and cremated. Now he's going to come back for revenge.

    1. Oh god I hope so. It's so much fun killing someone you alread assumed dead. Unlikely though. If he doesn't bleed to death The City will finish him.