Wednesday, 4 April 2012

and the rest was silence.

She arrived. Just like I thought she would. I was standing in the middle of the area when she arrived and I was cleaning my sword for no reason other than to give the appearance of complete confidence bordering on apathy.

I had no real reason for this. It's just fun to annoy people.

She twirled her scythe a bit and then glared at me with her one good eye. There was a cap over the other eyehole. Guess I did more damage then I thought. I bet that played horrible havoc with her depth perception. Maybe I wouldn't even need my plan. Oh well might as well use it anyways.

G.Reaper: So the other one isn't coming I guess.

Me: Oh no he's definitely coming. He's probably already here watching. In fact he's probably just waiting to snipe whichever one of us wins.

She merely nodded.

G.Reaper: So you challenging m to a showdown? Pretty gutsy after I kicked your ass so thoroughly before. Obviously you have a plan but whatever it is it won't help you. You can't beat the reaper.

Me: I'm pretty sure I could actually. He's a skeleton they aren't known for being very effective at most things. They generally just lie there and dry out if exposed.

G.Reaper: Making jokes? That's generally a sign someone is terrified but trying to hide it. Visibly shaking and repeatedly stroking your weapon being other signs.

I made a conscious effort to stop my hand from moving up my blade again.

Me: Right then you ready to end this?

G.Reaper: This won't be the end. I'll still have to kill the other after.

I didn't respond this was taking too much time. I just pointed my sword at her and got in a fighting stance. She got low then ran towards me scraping the scythe tip along the ground as she ran. I waited.

Ten feet away

Six feet away

Three feet away

I reached back and pulled the gun out of my waistband bringing it around to aim at her face. Her eye widened in shock. I could see her mind racing. Simultaneously trying to dodge stop continue foreard slice me and path out of the way.

Of course her confusion and surprise wouldn't let her do any of these. Her mask collided with the barrel just as I fired. She fell backwards easily. She didn't fly back or drop she just sort of fell until she was lying on her back unmoving.

You're probably a little confused.

It became obvious rather quickly that she knew me. More intimately than she should have. I knew I didn't actually know her. I briefly considered she could be May but May's dead and the real world doesn't work like that. So I realized she must be reading my blog. So I slipped in that fake conversation with Harold. Yeah that never happened. I just wanted to make sure one hundred percent that she would not expect the gun. It seemed to of worked. Now then about Harold.

Harold is too honorable to really do something like snipe whoever wins a personal challenge. He was of course there waiting though. As soon as she dropped I took off her mask, I plan to keep it, and he was standing in front of me when I stood back up. He picked up the scythe and tossed it to me.

Harold: You're probably going to want to make sure no one else gets their hands on that.

I nodded. I took off my mask and a bird escaped and took the Scythe away. Then I placed my mask back on and turned my attention to Harold.

The Grinning Reaper had been a bit of an anti-climax but this... This would be a real fight. We both tensed. He had his guns out and aimed at me and I had my sword at the ready.

There was no way this wasn't going to be awesome.

Except at that exact second the war ended.

Yeah apparently the little servant fight was utterly pointless. Despite the proxies essentially being completely driven from the area and their servant leader dead they still won. See, my prediction was correct. Slendy managed to beat The Birds and The Girl. He appeared in the middle of the battle and immediately the birds told me it was over. I assume Harold got a similar message. We both immediately got the hell out of there.

So yeah the proxies got their territory back as well as mine and Harold's territory as I guess apologies for the whole mess. I guess I can consider myself lucky I wasn't offered instead. Also in good news apparently Slendy is generous. He's allowing me and Harold to continue operating in our respective areas but no other nests or dolls or puppets are allowed in the area and we now have to do his bidding as well.

Why is he being so generous? Who knows...

So I get to stay here and I now have to listen to commands from The Birds and Slendy. Not sure who I have to listen to if they give me conflicting commands.

It's all kind of confusing actually.
However I did get to kill The bitch which sort of makes up for the rest of it.


  1. I never pinned the Slender Man to be a generous one.

    Or, for that matter, to use Nests and Puppets.

    Then again, weirder things have happened...

    - Have a Nice Day

  2. Wait . . . this: was your entire plan against the Reaper? Damn, you lucked out that the only special thing about her was that scythe.