Thursday, 26 April 2012

Absofuckinglutely correct.

Well Proxie called it. I am now pissed.

Apparently The Oathbreakers and their master have been trying to create an artificial form of The Dying Man. He's essentially a disease already so I guess they just figured they should have control over him or something like him. That's just fucking great. Obviously their attempt was defective. Also they're all dead. So that's the end of it right? Nope of course not.

That would be too god damn easy!

Apparently all the oathbreakers have been working on it including other hospitals and labs throughout the god damn country!

Oh and one of them succeeded. Fuck you. They set him loose and he is now quite rapidly making his way through the population. Time to go Dying Man hunting again boys and girls. This time with a dying man that apparently can't be harmed or killed. Yeah apparently the bodies are autonomous or something. Killing them will require complete destruction of the body or the removal of the Artificial!Dying Man.

Quick question becomes what exactly is the oathbreakers real plan with this. They just set it loose? That's not really controlling it. That's sort of out of style for them isn't it. Wouldn't they want to be able to control the spread of their new super disease. Target it accurately and stuff?

Fuck ok. Vadim is going to go "talk" to The Oathbreakers responsible while I go try and stem The A. Dying Man flow.


  1. Has it occurred to you that the Liar may have been an early experiment along these lines? It could explain why May was still able to access the Path.

    1. No I'm pretty sure The Liar was the real thing. These artifical ones are different from normal dying man(men?). For one except this one none of the others could actually transfer. Besides The Liar bled none of these do.