Thursday, 12 April 2012

Stake Out day 5

Ah... Ha ha... What the fuck?

Ok so watching every single exit now. No possible way he could of escaped without someone seeing him. So now the question is how the hell did he get behind me?

Watching the house I see him walking around inside then he stops again. I don't see him for hours. I wasn't worried though there was no way he could get out. Or so I thought. Then a radio suddenly turns on behind me. I turn and on the roof with me is a small battery radio set for an alarm and in large writings the words "You're horrible at this" chalked on to the roof.

How the fuck did he manage to do that without me noticing?

How the fuck did he get out?

Why am I still alive?

No seriously he was able to get behind me and write that out and set up a radio to alert me? Why the hell didn't he just kill me? Is he enjoying this?

You smug bastard I'll get you somehow.

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