Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Observations and explanations.

Ok so we went to the morgue to find the body. We found it. Although body is the wrong word. The word... Sludge would be more accurate. We found him but all that was left was rotted skin. No bones nothing but rotted skin in a pile. Upon finding this we decided to go over what we know and try to figure something out.

So here's what we know.

My friend here, his name is Vadim, apparently hired these two thugs to rough me up a bit. He also informed me that he was rather enjoying our little game. I'm only (Extremely) annoyed by this admission. Regardless, he hired these two thugs who had in fact contacted him earlier about his dealings with the fears and advertising themselves as runner mercenaries. One stayed with him while the other went out to handle the remainder of his plans. Shortly after and coinciding with the time when I managed to beat up the other thug the second one stated randomly that he was defective and being recalled. He then disappeared but Vadim traced him back to this hospital at which time he found out that he had mysteriously died. Obviously these two are something not human and both were killed by The Oathbreakers apparently because they were defective?

Strange. We should probably find a living Oathbreaker to interrogate. Hope we left one alive.


  1. Sounds like a bad day. Wish I could cheer you up. Oh, I know how! Harold is back and he's pissed at you.


    Oh, wait. That's the opposite of cheering you up isn't it?

  2. Maybe some bugs would cheer you up, Mr. Faceless! Oh, I'm following your blog!

    1. You're a weird person.

      We're gonna get a long well.