Monday, 23 April 2012

Of course...

So guess that didn't matter. I headed back into the hospital. This time with a bit more of a kill everything attitude or at least everything that managed to see me which, since I'm rather horrible at stealth, was a vast majority of the hospital. Also since I'm working for the birds again they're letting me use them again. It was glorious. I slaughtered tons. Like god damn everyone in that hospital except one person who got the drop on me. I was looking around a corner when I felt the gun press against the back of my skull.

"I manage to sneak up on you again huh?"

My first thought: Harold. Moments later though I realized it was a heavily accented voice. It was The God damn Runner Slendy wanted me to kill. It wasn't that surprising since he was what led to this but what happened next was.

He put the gun away.

"You the one who put the thug in the hospital?"

I told him I was.

"So you're investigating as well?"

I was confused but I nodded.

"Ok, then. Temporary truce?"

 First thought: fuck no.

Second much smarter thought. Why the hell not?

So I have a new friend... for now.

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