Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Day 2: First impressions are important.

So been trailing this girl for a while now and I no longer find her annoying. Now she merely bores me. However, there was one silver lining. I got to kill someone. The girl and two of her friends were walking home and got attacked by some guys. So as per my orders I was allowed to step in and fuck some poor bastard up. After I carved the first guy a nice little hole in his chest the rest ran, as did Sandy and her friends. Oh well. I chased down the other two guys and made one of them swallow their own knife. God that was satisfying. The other I just slit open and cut out his organs. Course the birds were mad that I let her out of my sight while I hunted these men down but what harm can her and her friends get into in the short time it might take to find them again?


  1. What harm can they get into? Are you serious? It's like you're in a bad horror movie, and you just asked "What's the worst that could happen?"


    1. I am willing to admit that as the following events showed that was a bad idea. She probably wouldn't have made a good Nest anyways.

  2. Nathan, is that jealousy I sense?