Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Hello I'm The Faceless Bastard

You may remember me from such things as being the guy who calmly walked out of your house last night after slaughtering your mother, father and cute little baby sister. Of course that would only be if you're a certain Mr. Harold Ardy. (We're watching you Harold.)

The rest of you may just know me as The Faceless Bastard, The Winged Mask, That creepy masked guy with the birds that came out of his chest and pecked off my best friend's face or any of the other names I have had. I think the faceless bastard is my favourite though. Mostly because of the connotations it already has with the tall Stranger. It's a delicious bit of irony in my eyes to have a name that some ascribe to him while working for an entirely different entity. Those more in the know probably already figured out from the statements up there that I'm a nest. Not a normal nest though. At least not as far as I can tell. Aside from roosting inside of me my feathered friends never really demand much of me. I consider myself pretty freelance. I mean occasionally they'll tell me to do something. Like the above mentioned slaughter of Harold's family. (Keep running. It's so much more fun to chase) But most of the time I am left to my own devices. Most of which consist of torture implements. I sometimes think I would have made a better Slender Proxy or whatever the hell the angel freaks call themselves but I probably wouldn't be given all the freedom I enjoy here. Although again I'm pretty sure having this much freedom is abnormal with any of the proxies. Hmm I'll probably gloat if I ever run into a puppet. Camper too I guess but they wouldn't care anymore would they?

I should probably stop rambling and get around to the main reason this blog exists. There are two.

First. This acts as a good way to keep people updated on my current actions and whereabouts. (Yes this includes runners and fighters. Come and get me) It also acts as a fun and easy way to get any messages I need to give out to those who are supposed to receive them. Again like Harold. (Your sister cried. A lot. Thought you should know.)

Second. I'm bored and this will be a good way to kill time while I wait for the next exciting event in my life.


  1. "or whatever the hell the angel freaks call themselves"

    At least we have a handle on color theory.

  2. You're just jealous of my amazing grasp of colours and how to arrange them so as to make ones eyes bleed.

  3. I really need to step up my research into how to kill your kind without getting my face pecked off. Knives are depressingly bad at the job and you things seem to be on the rise.

  4. Yeah. Being just as dangerous when I'm losing a fight as when I'm winning is one of the best perks of the job. Even better for reasons I may eventually explain I don't even have to be cut to release my feathered friends. Altogether it comes out to be quite advantageous.

  5. I'm going to take the guess that we'll soon all agree that the last part of your name is incredibly apt.

  6. This blog is eyeraping, and your lack of tact is absolutely fucking beautiful.

    I think you and I will be friends. Or horrible enemies. Care to test which?

    1. Thank you. Either one is fine with me m'dear.