Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Catastrophe and answers.

Sorry I didn't finish the post all at once I wanted to get some more answers first. So after Harold killed Sandy I attacked him and he turned into mist and fled. I don't know why he didn't kill me. He undoubtedly had the ability to do it.  Regardless though I left in a hurry and contacted my master telling them what had happened. I didn't get in trouble because apparently they knew about this and had been expecting it. Sandy was not a prospective nest she was merely a trap. More accurately my watching her was a trap to draw out Harold so they could get more information on him. After explaining this to me they told me to seek out The Camper. Eat is a being of knowledge and if anyone knows what's going on it's her.  So I went looking took me a little while but I found one. After a bit of unimportant conversation he told me a story. Apparently way back in the past There were many more of the creatures we call fears then there are now. However for some reason many of them disappeared. Not dead he was very explicit that they were not dead merely gone or dormant. He claims that Harold must have somehow tapped into the powers of one of these gone fears. So there you have it. Somehow Harold has become a proxy of a non-existent fear. Great...


  1. Huh. I knew that humans could become manufactured fears, but extinct Fears? Shit. This is getting complicated.

    Gotta go, I'm dealing with a Fear of my own right now.

  2. Why is there one massive block of text?

    And how in the flying hell do you become a proxy of a non-existent Fear? Isn't that.. you know, conflicting? AND IMPOSSIBLE?

    1. Wish I knew. I guess maybe somehow the power of these fears remains here how Harold got his hands on it I can't even begin to fathom.