Monday, 26 March 2012

A lot can happen in one night.

So we found the proxy base there were about 30 or so inside. I wanted to flush them out with the birds but the dolls had more fun ideas. We barricaded the doors and then burnt the place down. I'm sure a few pathed out but I'm also sure many wouldn't have been smart enough. Final death toll unknown. Either way though we decided not to wait and moved on to our main target. Me and Harold alone using our respective travel methods arrived inside the proxies' main area back in their territory. They were caught by surprise. I released the birds and Harold released the bullets. Amazingly despite the air being filled with birds he managed not to hit a single one with his bullets.

And in such a simple way we ended the war. Or at least the major part of it. We spent the better part of the day hunting down the survivors.

Oh and The Convocation is now part of a Three way War with The Slenderman and The Wooden Girl. But that's not important right?  

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