Monday, 26 March 2012


So I arrived in The Wooden Girl's territory and immediately I came upon a few proxies fighting a few dolls. I charged in and stabbed one. The proxies were caught by surprise at my appearance and began to freak out but one managed to get them back under control. A few turned their attention on me including the one who I now assume was the leader. The dolls continued fighting fanatically, unable to stop or die until their mistress allowed them. Meanwhile, I engaged the proxies. The leader stayed back as I slaughtered his underlings and I admit I made the mistake of not keeping my eye on him during the melee.

After I slaughtered the last of his subordinates I turned to look for him and found him standing a few feet from me a molotov in his hand and about to be thrown. The world seemed to slow as I watched his hand moving forward. His fingers releasing from the bottle... then there was a whistle and the bottle exploded. The leader erupted in flame and started screaming. Immediately he began running towards me I readied to stab his flaming body but suddenly there was another whistle and he lurched to the side as if struck. He lay burning on the ground and a moment later Harold was there a sniper rifle in his hands.

So yeah soon the battle was over. We won of course. Only two dolls were broken beyond repair and 13 proxies were murdered.

Apparently Harold is trained not only in thrown projectiles but is an expert marksman as well. He's had lots of years to train. By which I mean he's apparently 200 or so years old. According to him The Wooden Girl's control extended so deep within him that she actually controlled him on a cellular level somehow and was able to prevent his cells from degenerating essentially giving him immortality and the inability to age.

That's pretty interesting. I'm not really sure whether or not I can age or die of old age. I should probably ask that at some point.

So yeah me and Harold plus a few dolls are heading out to take down the proxy base of operations here in Wooden Girl territory.

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