Thursday, 1 March 2012

God damn kids...

We finally get to our destination and the moment I get out of the car what happens? Some dumbass little kid between 14 and 16 just crashes into me bowling me over. Surprisingly heavy little girl she scrambles on top of me for a bit and then manages to get to her feet and run off in the span of a couple of seconds. I wanted to kill the little bitch but Harold stopped me from going after her. Apparently we don't have time for mindless bloody murder. Anyways we went to talk to The Timberwolves and they told us a bit more information. Apparently this woman (The threat) burst into the middle of a meeting and killed everyone including a rather high rank (of whatever hierarchy Timberwolves use) member. They only know what happened because one of the members had been transcribing the meeting and had recorded the woman entering and sent the recording presumably shortly before he died. They were able to piece together everything after the recording based on what they found. IE: A number of corpses, the senders smashed laptop and a number of spent shell casings and bullet holes. Apparently they initially thought it was just a runner who got lucky but further recurring events have started to make them doubt this woman is a normal human being. Apparently they're quite glad I'm part of the taskforce because at least one of them has been following my blog and fears this woman may be another Harold. That's just fucking great...

Humorously though apparently Harold. (The Doll Harold not Smokey) has not read my blog and complained thoroughly about being compared to this woman. Me and May and The Timberwolf (named Jerry. He's going to join us now yay -_-) had to explain who Harold (Smokey) was and what had happened. So that was amusing.

May, Jerry and TB are planning what to do next I'm over here updating my blog and being bored and Harold went out for a while to get us some pizza or something I don't know I wasn't paying attention.

Oh about that girl from earlier. I may not be able to kill her now but I asked one of the birds to watch her so I can find her again once this is over.

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  1. Don't have time for mindless murder? THE HORROR! I'd be so bored if I were you.