Thursday, 29 March 2012

Nothing important happened today so...

I figured I'd just expand on the idea put forth yesterday.

The way I see it the fears all fall into one of three categories.

Dangerous, Interested or Mischievous/Hateful.

Dangerous: The Slender Man, The Archangel and The Plague Doctor.

Interested: EAT, The Blind Man, The Convocation and The Cold Boy.

Mischievous/Hateful: The Choir, The Smiling Man, The Wooden Girl,

Well I guess saying they all fall into One category was a bit to simple for The Fears

The Rake: Dangerous and M/H

The Manufactured Newborn: Interested and M/H

Yeah actually screw it The Quiet doesn't fit anywhere... This idea is stupid... Oh and I saw a wall with an operator symbol on it then a strange new symbol and then another strange new symbol and then the operator symbol and yeah ad infinitum. At the moment the Operator symbol is on top. I'm guessing the other two are a new symbol for The Wooden Girl and The Convocation. I'll try and describe them I guess.

One was two objects next to each other that looked sort of like the peace symbol without the circle. The other was three lines essentially interwoven like tangled threads. I can't really describe either. Maybe I'll be able to get a pic later.

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