Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Viva la Muerte

It's over.

All the lies have gone.

The proxies attacked en masse and the last piece fell into place. I left Harold and the birds to handle it while I went to talk to May.

Me: May?

May: Yes?

Me: You're The Dying Man.

May: What?

Me: It's obvious. Been obvious for a while.

May: The hell are you talking about.

Me: A few things still don't make sense. I don't know why you can still use the path and I can't believe that all of your responses have been acting. However your attempt to throw us off with Jerry was actually a mistake. It wouldn't have been but you told me your entire plan before doing it. You pretty much said it explicitly in the comments. Jerry died roughly 4 hours after you and he... You poisoned him with your special concoction. No symptoms just sudden incredibly Dying Man like death. Now you and Jerry were the only ones who read my blog here and you only talked about the poison with me so there's no way that Harold could have known about the poison and Jerry was the one who was poisoned. So we're the only ones who know about your poison. I never touched Jerry before he died so it had to of been you.

May: What are you talking about. I didn't kill Jerry!

Me: You're still denying it?

May: Of course I'm denying it! It's not true.

Me: Ok last hint. The comments from The Dying Man stopped immediately after you were put under watch. Probably because you wouldn't be able to sen them without us seeing now.

May: ... I swear it's not m-

Suddenly her appearance seemed to change. I don't mean she looked different I mena she suddenly seemed more relaxed and she was smiling.

May: Well you got me. Not that I really expected you not to.

Me: May?

May: No. Not anymore. You're talking to The Liar now.

Me: ...

The Liar: I can answer your last few questions. She could still use the path because until the first time she used it The Slender Man didn't know I had possessed her. As for why she seemed so sincere in her reactions. It's because she was sincere. She had no idea she was possessed. See I'm a little different than most of the other pieces. I don't necessarily take control of my host immediately. I also never let them know they're possessed until I no longer need them. I control them with subtle subconscious hints or I possess them temporarily and blank out their memory of what they did. I convinced May she wanted to sleep with Jerry then took control and poisoned him. She was the one who told you about the poison in advance however. Rather wish she hadn't but it was too late by the time I realized the mistake she was making. I was also the one who told you I couldn't possess you.

Me: So what happens now. You just going to let me kill you?

The Liar: I wasn't lying I can't possess you. Even if you would never know it. The convocation would and they'd rip you to shreds before I could get any use out of you. I can't run. The proxies are after me at the moment and this body would be killed when I tried to flee even if I managed to get past you. I suppose I'm at your mercy. Fortunate for me that I chose a body you may be at least slightly adverse to harmi-

Me: Nope.

I rushed forward stabbing her/him/it in the chest.

She/He/It gasped in surprise then fell against me. I thought she was going to infect me try and take me with her but she didn't. Suddenly it was May again looking up into my lack of a face.

May: Sorry... I didn't know.

Me: Sorry I did.

Then she reached up and kissed me on my lips. I guess in her dying moments she wasn't bothered by the fact they're sort of a charred rough mess. She pulled back smiled weakly and died. I dropped her body and suddenly The Slender Man was there. He seemed to be looking at the body then at me. He nodded and disappeared with the body.

I went back to Harold and the proxies were gone. I told him what happened. He just shrugged and said "Job done."

His lack of empathy made me feel a little better.

So we're preparing to head back now.

How much do you want to bet I'm not even going to get a day of rest before The birds give me another assignment that will become some crazy adventure.

Almost makes me wish I was an ignorant human again.



  1. . . . You know, your Proxy body count is going to rival mine if you keep this up. Have you considered the Birds might be using you to hinder their competition by eliminating the servants of others?

    1. That is entirely possible...

      I've only killed 7 proxies so far though (Not counting Harold and May of course) and they attacked us first.