Sunday, 18 March 2012


Yeah so unless Slendy himself has been possessed by The Dying Man we are in fact actually being attacked by proxies not The Dying Man. Two more pathed in but this time we were slightly more ready and they were dispatched without any damage. Then our good friend Slendy showed up again and he was psychotic. His tentacles just lashed out at all of us. I'm amazed we weren't injured. Something stopped him for a few seconds and we ran for it. Had to kill our way through a small crowd of proxies before we were clear.

Not saying where we are now. Course Slendy can find us if he wants to and I doubt his proxies will have trouble finding us either so...

This just in apparently Harold is actually the reason Slendy stopped attacking. He apparently tossed my mask at him. (I took it off based on Proxiehunter's comment and I've been meaning to get rid of it but I've been hesitant.) Anyways apparently he threw the mask at Slendy and it landed directly on his head. Apparently that must have surprised him or something. Wish I'd seen that. Anyways yeah we're not going to be getting any sleep tonight gotta stay up and make sure no more proxies show up. Hopefully he won't attack personally. I doubt we'll be lucky again.


  1. So, you're maskless? Doesn't that phase your comrades a little, having an eyeless man full of birds staring at them all the time?

    Also, I wonder if Harold knew throwing the mask onto the Slender Man would confuse him, or if he just did it randomly...

    Oh well, it's probably not important. Try not to go Dying on us, now, and

    - Have a Nice Day

  2. Admittedly their initial reaction to my lack of a face was not entirely positive.

    Harold: I thought they meant Faceless like symbolically or something!

    But yes they seem pretty used to it now though. May knew all along since she read my blog.