Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Art of Slaughter

So for once I made the first move. The proxies have been filtering into the area slowly and expanding their influence. These ones are much smarter and more dangerous than the others. I guess having Slendy's backing really does make them more effective. They chose some really good buildings to hole up in. They also seem to keep a rotating schedule and lots of incendiary weapons. A straight on attack would be suicide as would "teleporting" in.

Oh also as to why I'm attacking the proxies as opposed to the dolls who are obviously a greater threat in the area. Well both our forces and The wooden Girl's know that the other is the greater threat but we also know that the proxies would get in the way and if we leave them be they will eventually be able to become a credible threat to the area. Especially since to be completely honest I'm not sure about The bird's or the girl's chances against Slendy. I mean I know they're all incredibly powerful but The Slender Man. He just seems so much more dangerous than all the others. The only ones who come close to him in terms of the sheer level of danger he exerts are The Archangel and The Plague Doctor. Again I'm not saying he's more powerful just that... Well actually I don't know what I'm saying.

Anyways that was kind of a tangent back to the story. So I knew that the dolls had started an open attack on one of the proxy hideouts and were pretty much being slaughtered but I guess that's one advantage the wooden girl has quite a large amount of expendable bodies to throw at people.

So I decided to make my move against one of the less fortified areas. A dilapidated apartment complex. Only 110 or so proxies inside and this wouldn't be the first time I attacked an apartment. I figured I knew what I was doing. So I intended to break in through a window. Immediate flaw. The windows are all bars and there are no balconies. So I ended up having to choose between entering from the roof or the front door. Both seemed psychotic and I actually found myself pulling one of those what if they know that I know that they know things. Eventually I just chose at random and entered from the main door. I kicked open the front door and found myself facing... Bodies. Lots of them. Each one with a single bullet hole in the head.

Well this just got far too familiar.

I was hesitant to continue but one if I was wrong then the birds would be pissed at me for chickening out and 2 if I'm right this might be my one chance to face him on fair grounds.

So I continued on my way climbing through the building. I actually ran into some resistance and at least two apartments are on fire now. Oh and about 16 or so proxies are dead. It's strange I had no problem killing the other proxies and I don't have all that much problem killing these ones but there was this one woman I ran into on the stairs who I found it incredibly hard to kill. She wasn't a really a threat she had no weapons to speak of. I still hesitated to kill her. I couldn't not think of May. Of course it was that sudden memory of May that made me rethink that idea about her being weaponless. The sudden hunch turned out to be accurate and I sliced off her hand as she attempted to stab me with a poisoned needle then I stabbed her in the chest and threw her down the stairs. I wasn't very high yet only about 4 floors out of 26 but it was still enough that I was able to hear the beautiful crunch as her bones broke on impact below. It occurs to me. I don't know whether I can be poisoned either. I really need to find out about this stuff.

The rest of my trip up the stairs was uneventful. I faced a few more proxies burned down a few more floors and ran into a few more bodies. It was definitely him but he obviously wasn't being very thorough. Almost as if he was just running to the roof for some reason. I eventually stopped being thorough as well overtaken by an urge to follow him and I reached the roof shortly. The moment I stepped out onto the empty roof my senses told me I was an idiot. I ducked back into the roof access door just as the bullet passed by where I had been standing.

That was his plan. I'm not sure if it was specifically expecting me somehow or he was just trying to lure the proxies to the roof either way he had almost gotten me. I removed my mask and one or two birds swarmed up. I scoured the rooftops but he was gone. I went back down and continued cleaning out the place.

All in all not a bad job but I need to be way more careful of Harold.


  1. So you changed your background, but did your very best to keep those of us blessed with the gift of sight in utter pain? How thoughtful of you.

    - Have a Nice Day