Friday, 30 March 2012


Well damn that was exhilarating.

So there was some heavy movement among the proxies and I went to shut down whatever was being planned. I quickly started the slaughter they didn't put up much fight. You know I'm starting to think I'm really bad at spotting traps. I fought my way into a warehouse and suddenly heard gunfire and saw Harold enter from the other direction. The warehouse was entirely empty aside from the two of us and suddenly the doors closed behind us and locked. Just the two of us facing each other. It was obvious at this point we had fallen for a trap but we hadn't realized the true extent. We had assumed they had just intended to make us fight. We were, well not happy but, willing to oblige. We faced each other. The world around us unimportant. My sight through the bird's eyes revealed every aspect of his appearance. The tension in his arms and face, the wild look in his eyes, the barrel of the guns pointed at me. I smiled and pointed my sword at him.

Me: I must admit I've been waiting for this. Slaughtering these weaklings isn't satisfying at all.

Harold: Agreed. It will be a shame to kill you but it will be a very fun challenge.

I charged and he started firing. He was a great shot but I was fast and had been expecting it. Even so my dodge wasn't perfect. I felt bullets pierce my shin and graze my left shoulder but momentum carried me and I crashed into him. My blade pierced his shoulder and his guns pushed against my chest.

Immediately there was mocking laughter. We pulled back from each other quickly and stood up shakinly from our injuries. There was a woman watching us. She was wearing a black body suit with the operator symbol on the stomach and a skull mask. There was a scythe in her hands.

Harold: Who the hell are you?

Woman: The Grinning Reaper. My master has sent me to oversee the war here and deal with you two.

Me: Good luck with that. Your little blade will result in much more damage to yourself than me.

G. Reaper: That so.

Next moment she charged and reached me in seconds she was surprisingly fast. The blade raised and slid down through the skin of my chest. It hurt but the wound wasn't deep. As she stepped back it took me a few seconds to realize something was wrong. I could feel the birds pressing towards the wound but they weren't coming out. I looked down and saw a large burnt scar a long my chest. I was shocked and took a closer look at the scythe. There was an attachment to the back of the blade. Two rods apparently meant to push the wound closed followed by a red hot piece of metal which automatically cauterized the wound. It was ingenious. A weapon most likely specifically created to deal with nests. I was shocked, impressed and terrified.  Shots rang out and she disappeared instantly. She reappeared a few seconds later behind Harold and as he turned she jabbed the end of the scythe pole into his stomach and then turned it hitting him in the face with the back of the scythe blade. Steam rose from the site of impact as the super heated metal hit his face. He fell to the ground and she stabbed the pole into the sword wound in his shoulder and leaned down close.

G. Reaper: You two are pathetic. I can't believe you wimps are giving us so many problems. The master should be more choosy about his servants but I guess it's not my place to judge his choices.

I stood back up and lunged at her. She quickly pulled the scythe out of Harold and parried my strike swinging it around and slashing my chest again and then swung it back around slicing me again vertically. I stumbled back. I was going to die. We both were.

Harold weakly aimed his gun at her from the ground but without even looking she swung the scythe down and cut his hand off at the wrist. He cried out in pain but I noticed that the wound wasn't cauterized that time. She noticed as well.

G. Reaper: Hmm looks like the batteries have already died. I guess that means your safe for now Little birdy. I don't need the heat to kill the dolly though.

She swung the scythe down but I rushed forward and blocked it then slashed at her she jumped back and I pressed forward. She parried my strikes but didn't even try to fight back. I was weakening however and so when she parried my last strike I lunged in close so we were mask to mask and pulled off my mask. The birds swarmed out straight into her face. One of the birds managed to stab her in the eye with it's beak and I heard her scream in pain as a trickle of blood leaked out of her eyehole. She cursed and as the birds swarmed at her again she disappeared. The birds than turned on Harold but his mistress apparently decided then to help out as his body suddenly jolted to it's feet and was pulled out of sight.

After a few minutes I left as well. Things are getting far more interesting.

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  1. That is an interesting weapon. I'll have to get a few new knives and try to rig something up. Must be hell on batteries though.