Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Everything you know is wrong.

We found May today. The Three of us confronted her in a park. When she saw us her eyes lit up and she rushed to us with glee. We all backed away knowing what her touch could do. She stopped confused and asked us what was going on? Before me or Harold could reply Jerry pulled out a gun and fired at her. The idiot missed. She jumped back and looked at us with pain and fear. Jerry aimed the gun again and she disappeared. She used the path. Is that normal? Can a Dying Man infected Slenderproxy use the path? If not does that mean she's not infected? If she's not infected then what the hell happened to her and who is infected?

I think The Dying Man tricked us...

Wait if May isn't infected we should find her and explain.

We've been hunting an uninfected Slender agent... that might be why Slender seemed so angry.

This is so confusing.

What the hell do we do now?


  1. This is why you don't split the party when dealing with shape changers or body jumpers. Anyone who wasn't with you could currently be the Dying Man. Of course, the physical deterioration of the host should begin kicking in any time now.

    1. Well, the current party of three probably isn't. And I wouldn't put it past the Dying Man to be able to abuse the powers of his hosts.

      It could be an elaborate trap, or it could be an uninfected Slenderproxy running for her life. You can never be too careful, you know.

      - Have a Nice Day

  2. No clue. Stop stalking her, and stop to ask questions before you start shooting? Just an idea.