Sunday, 4 March 2012


So I told the others what I saw and my theory.

Here's a transcript so I don't have to write it out like a narrative.

Me: Ok guys I have some interesting news.

Harold: What?

Me: I think this threat might be The Dying Man.

*Jerry suddenly drops slightly in his seat but no one else seems to notice*

May: What? Why would The Dying Man be targeting us?

Me: I don't know but remember that rude little girl who tackled me earlier? Yeah well I sent a bird to spy on her and not only did I realize she looks exactly like a younger version of the woman from the video-

Jerry: Karen

Me: -Karen? Whatever anyways I'm pretty sure I saw her body jump. She enticed some old pedophile into a back alley and then suddenly dropped dead and immediately the man knew enough to locate and dispatch my spy.

TB: *Made a sound like a tea kettle whistling*

Me: You said it man.

Harold: So what now?

Me: Well I'll give you a description of the man from the best of my recollection and then we need to go out and find him. But first... Jerry you are the least subtle person I have ever seen. Would you mind telling us everything you know about the situation?

Jerry: *Visibly stiffens* I don't know what you're talking about.

Me: I'm not allowed to kill you but I'm pretty sure I am allowed to hurt you.

Jerry: ... Right. *Sighs* Ok The Girl in the video is named Karen Hunty she was one of our father's targets. She broke into a special meeting of some of our higher ups trying to get revenge or something who knows. However we've actually known about the Dying Man we're currently facing for a while. We knew one of our own was infected and we'd narrowed it down to one of the people in the room. See we'd been tracking it. It first showed up having apparently infected a puppet. It was considered worthy of watching due to the high level of stealth it showed. Apparently The Girl herself had no clue her puppet was infected since it never attempted to resist her manipulation until it managed to transfer to one of the willing dolls at which point it fled and we lost track of it until it resurfaced hiding in a low rank Slender Proxy. We decided to move then and capture the infected Proxy. We did. Then it "mysteriously" died and we realized it had somehow managed to jump into one of us. We were able to pinpoint all those who had any contact with it and brought them all to one place where they were all to be murdered hopefully ending the infection. Of course that's when Karen, misguided bitch that she was, broke in and killed them all for us. That wouldn't of been a problem except she of course didn't take steps to stop herself from being infected. The video was sent by the infected Timberwolf to mock our failed effort to contain it.

*Everyone was silent*

Harold: So you guys fucked up and lied about it so we wouldn't find out. You expected we'd come in solve the problem and you guys could just sweep it under the rug like it never happened?

Jerry: Pretty much.

Harold: Well fuck. Alright Faceless give us the description. We're going to search this city from top to bottom and find the motherfucker. Got it?

So now we're heading out in teams of two and Jerry on his own because fuck him. We're going to cover the entire city with just the 5 of us. Great...


  1. No, no, no. That is NOT how you do it.

    You do not split up like that just because one of the guys was lying. Seriously, given who you ARE, you should've been expecting that.

    You were tasked with stopping this Dying Man. The fact that the entire thing was set up in order to hide a screw-up doesn't change the fact that you are supposed to be finding and killing this thing.

    Ha ha. Killing the Dying Man.

    Wait, isn't this a bit counterintuitive? Do you seriously think you can stop a Dying Man with a Proxy, a Nest, a Puppet, a Timberwolf, and a Towerborn? You're just potential bodies for him. Granted, if you all die, then I guess they have more bodies to throw at the problem until an actual solution is found.

    Food for thought.

    - Have a Nice Day

    1. Well we're mostly hoping Jerry will die actually. He'll be easier to identify then some random guy I saw for a few seconds anyways.

      Besides not like Jerry is all that important. Timberwolves are basically just useless humans compared to other servants. They don't have any actual abilities or anything so he's a liability. He's more useful as bait. Which he kind of is. I have a bird watching him and Team me and Harold are sticking close to him to react when The Dying Man comes for him.

      As for killing The Dying Man. Well I doubt we could actually kill him. I'm pretty sure all Fears are unkillable but if any Fear is killable it's The Dying Man. We kill the host and keep him from jumping and whether it actually kills him or not he's at least not a threat anymore. Way I see it each piece is like one of the birds. You can destroy the birds but you can't destroy The Convocation.

      All we're doing is taking out one of the Birds.

      Did I just use murdering one of my masters as a metaphor?

      Oh god they're not going to like that.

      This comment brought to you by Harold's cellphone and boredom while staking out an asshole.

    2. And when instead of attacking Jerry and body jumping to him it manages to body jump into someone on one of the other conviently seperated teams what then?

      You really are a fucking birdbrain.

    3. Normally I'd argue this based on the fact everyone else was in a two person team and only Jerry was alone. However considering what happened I'm just going to fall back on the old standby that I wasn't the one who came up with the plan Harold was.

  2. Wall of text. Also, I hate the name Karen, so.. I don't like this post to begin with. Sorry.