Wednesday, 7 March 2012


We lost contact with May for a while and when we got contact again there was a banging scratching sound and heavy panicked breathing. It took a while before she actually spoke and al she said to Harold was pass me to Faceless. So I took the phone.

Faceless: Hello?

May: Hey. So... *Nervous laugh* He found me. I still can't access the path and I'm trapped. I still have no clue where I am and he'll get in here any second. I'm not a fighter never have been. I'm pretty much entirely useless as an agent. Never even killed anyone. The master probably sent me on this mission to get rid of me.

Faceless: If he takes you it will make him more identifiable to the rest of us. Your death will be of use at least.

May: That's nice to know... Anyways I wanted to say something to you. *Pause. The banging getting louder* I lied about my name. Dalia is my real name. May is my preferred name.

Faceless: ... So you switched them when you told us knowing we'd call you by what we thought was your real name just to be dicks?

May: Pretty much.

Faceless: *Pause* Goodbye May.

May: Goodbye.

*Call ended*

Yeah... I don't have anything else to say.


  1. I bet she's dying to be a good agent. See what I did there?

  2. Ouch. Not a fun time, losing someone like that.

    However, you shouldn't let that opportunity get away. What's-her-name is your next target.

    If you don't want to start Dying, I'd suggest you start thinking. You've got more brains in there than the rest, put them to use, stupid bird.

    - Have a Nice Day

  3. She done trolled a troll XD