Saturday, 3 March 2012

While we were waiting.

So we have no idea what to do next. Jerry and his buddies are being incredibly tightlipped about something and so Harold is trying to get them to open up. The rest of us are just waiting around. Out of the blue May decides to tell us her story. I'm reposting it here because I have nothing better to do. Apparently May had a classic slender experience mostly. She met him once as a little girl and he started stalking her a few years later until she eventually decided to work for him as opposed to having her intestines strung up on a tree like christmas tinsel. The only difference is there was a bit of fear involvement. Specifically her family was killed. She's still not sure which fear it was exactly but she knows it was one of the humanoid ones. Because she saw it leaving the house after and smiling at her as it waved a bloody knife at her. I questioned how she knows it wasn't just a Proxy. Her reply was she could feel a wrongness coming from it when she saw it that she has only since felt when meeting with one of the Fears. Well anyways yeah that's her story. Was that interesting? No? Didn't think so.

Wait... Somethings happening with that girl. She's left her house. Wait a minute that's it! It's her! She looks younger but it's the same girl from the video! Wait she's approaching some guy on the street. She's walking towards an alley now and he's following her. The bird is following as well. They're... They're making out. Ok guy is a pedophile and she's a prostitute that's nice info. Wait she just dropped to the ground and now he's leaving. The bird is following the guy. He's stopped. He's staring at the bird and smiling. God damn it he just shot the bird!

Ok... So little girl version of the girl from the video just went into an alley with a guy, kissed him, dropped dead and now the guy killed the bird. Oh god damn it I think I know what we're dealing with.


  1. So, a body jumper. Sure it's not just the Dying Man?

  2. Well that is my current theory... The question now is why is The Dying Man messing around with us Servants?

  3. That's.... extremely fucked up.