Thursday, 15 March 2012


So we went to meet May. She was waiting for us and when we arrived she carefully stood up. She had been sitting. We're not stupid we remained wary of her and she understood that. She made no physical contact with any of us as we returned to the hotel. So what we've got so far. She has no memory of what happened after her conversation with me on the phone. She has no idea how she got here. She tried to go to The Proxies first but they tried to kill her. Our fault as well of course. We warned them she was infected. After she contacted us finding out that we had followed her here the events of our last meeting and then she managed to read my blog and found out what had happened.

She knows we still can't trust her but she swears she's not The Dying Man. I want to believe her but it's still dangerous. We're keeping her under watch. I volunteered for the job.

She has also raised a very good point. I'm technically immune to The Dying Man. At least it would be foolish for The Dying Man to possess me. The birds would know and they'd kill me before it could use me for anything. Probably even destroy it entirely since it would be unlikely it could transfer from my, either electrified to atoms or torn apart, corpse.

Me and May had a little conversation about her life as a proxy. Apparently she has never killed anyone but she has been responsible for some deaths. Apparently she's good at creating poisons. I asked where she learned this and she responded she had studied poisons and botany before she was proxied. Not for any real reason as she was quick to inform me. She was just bored and found poisons interesting. Not many proxies use poison apparently the majority she met preferred a more face to face approach however a few did and they all went to her to get the poisons they needed.

She told me about this special poison she created that takes exactly 4 hours to kill someone. It's apparently a cocktail of a number of poisons and pharmaceutical drugs that when combined create a very effective poison with no noticeable side effects. She blushingly admitted that she named it May's Gift. I think she was a little insulted when I laughed at the name because she became quiet at this point and expressed a desire to go to sleep.

Gotta stay up all night to watch her.

Have a good night everyone else out there. 


  1. Oh hey, a poison maker! How interesting!

    I have to admit, the 4-hour no symptom poison idea is nice and all, but it doesn't match up with current chemical advances. Hell, the Timberwolves in some places are producing Novichok strains somehow. Botany is nice, but Chemistry has long outpaced it by now, in terms of sheer lethality.

    That being said, Botulinum is always a nice thing to have on hand. Not quite as stupidly volatile as some chemicals, but a bitch to get a hold of.

    Hey, if she wakes up and you're all not dead, can you ask her what kinds of poisons she makes?

    - Have a Nice Day

    1. Hey.

      Well I specialize in both chemical and plant based poisons.

      May's Gift is actually primarily chemical based. It's not meant to be fast acting. It's intended use is to poison someone so they'll die later unexpectedly. It's mostly a fear tactic. Used on a member of the group the poisoned will seemingly die at random. Often terrifying the rest of the group. If they realize it was a poison or assume it to be an infection many will become paranoid worried that they may have been poisoned or infected as well.

      I generally dabble in fast acting or slow torturous poisons depending on how sadistic the intended user wants to be.

      As well my little branch of The Slenderman's operation is rather underfunded. So in that way plant based poisons are sometimes much easier to make than the chemical type since poisonous plants are rather easy to find if you know where to look.

    2. Ah. Funding causing problems. I know how well that can screw up a good plan.

      And as for the "random killing" poison, it just seems a little gimmicky. For terrorizing purposes, I guess it works well, but beyond that I can't think of what you'd use it for.

      But then again slow-acting and terrorizing were never my field of expertise.

      Anyway, hope you don't die, or start Dying!

      - Have a Nice Day