Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Alright so me and Vadim met and we informed each other of what happened. The Oathbreaker responsible for The A. Dying Man is dead. Vadim didn't kill him. Vadim was just talking to him when what I assume was The Liar came in. Vadim claims to have somehow recognized that it was not an ordinary human and moved out of the way. The Oathbreaker looked terrified but couldn't do anything. Vadim had broken both his arms and legs before hand. The Liar came to The Oathbreaker whispered something and then snapped his neck and left. Vadim than came to talk to me. I guess that's that. We didn't really stop anything and we returned one of the pieces to the board. Go team. I didn't kill Vadim. It would have been wrong. If Slendy gets mad good for him. I have more important things to do anyways. Time to deal with Smokey.

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